About Us

Who are we? I'm glad you asked.

I write this blog. I'm a 21-year old girl-woman who enjoys grandma things: crafting, reading, baking, and cats. I also love dogs, which is pretty obvious since this blog is named after ours. I talk really fast, and I write the same way. I may or may not be addicted to blogging/the Internet, and my favorite things include my man, my babies (who are actually animals--don't judge), and making people laugh.

Thomas is a 22-year old Audio Post-Production Engineer who hates to read but loves to play video games. He's also a self-proclaimed food snob, and I often brag about the fact that he cooks me dinner nearly every night. His passions include ME (keep in mind that I'm writing this), our babies, music/audio, culinary pursuits chocolate milk, and being a nerd.

 Jack is our 3-ish year old corgi-chihuahua mix. He is the love of our lives, and there isn't a day that goes by that one or both of us doesn't show someone his picture. That's probably related to the fact that he is the most beautiful dog that has ever lived. Jack enjoys laying in the sunshine, playing fetch, meeting new people/dogs, and eating his sister's head like it's candy. Read his adoption story here.

Charlotte is our 1-ish year old brown tabby cat. She is a somewhat new addition to our family, but every day we come to know her better and love her more. Charlotte's favorite activities include sitting on windowsills, scratching things I would prefer that she not scratch, and screaming for her breakfast. She also loves playing with her brother and catching cockroaches (she's a Southern Bell). Read her adoption story here.

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  1. Charlotte is a Southern Bell. Is Jack is so debonaire. Nice parenting.
    Alison Taylor