Charlotte's Adoption Story

For my entire life, I've been a cat person. Gato (cat in spanish) was actually my first word. I always chose the Lisa Frank back pack with the cats, and I had a cat cake for my first birthday party--a true sign of a crazy cat lady in the making.

Thank goodness, Thomas is also a cat person. We both grew up with cats, and we've known for a long time we wanted one of our own. The reality was, things were busy around our house: we already had a dog, were in school full time, we were both working, and we knew we'd be moving across the country within the year.

After over two of years of waiting, I insisted that we would get a cat ASAP after the move. Once the tree incident occurred, it seemed like things were going to be delayed once again. 

One June Saturday, we stopped by Petsmart to get something for Jack. We went to look at the kitties just for fun, and we noticed a cute little cat named Gigi in one of the front cages. 
Just like when we met Jack, Thomas was instantly attracted to her. He said that she reminded him of his first love, Catherine the cat. Catherine was very dignified, sweet, and had the most velvety fur. "Gigi" had similar, elegant mannerisms and she was so friendly--she even came to the front of the cage when we called her. Sadly, we didn't think it was the right time for us to get a cat, so we left empty handed.

Around two weeks later, July 10th to be exact, we were back at Petsmart (are you noticing theme here?) When we stopped in for our usual kitty room check, we noticed that Gigi was still there [side note: she was sleeping in her litter box]. After spending some time talking to/petting her, we I impulsively decided she was the one and this was the day. We filled out the "I want this cat" form and called the number on her cage. 

We finally got a hold of Norma, who is in charge of adoptions. It was a Sunday afternoon, and we knew that people typically don't get to take the animal home on the same day they fill out the form. For whatever reason, she really liked us. It was probably because we talked about cats for around 20 minutes, and I emphatically agreed that we would never let our cat outside or declaw her. After a few hours of nervously waiting, we got to take "Gigi" home! We changed her name to Charlotte that night.

At first we worried that she would be super shy and nervous around Jack. I know you're supposed to wait a while before introducing new pets, but we couldn't wait! Within two hours of getting home, Jack and Charlotte met for the first time. She was a little timid at first, but within days they were napping together on the couch.

Apparently lots of 'cat people' say this, but Charlotte really is a special and kind of dog-like kitty. She likes snuggling, sleeps between us every night, and wrestles with Jack every day. 

I can't stress enough that whether you're looking for a cat or a dog, I would absolutely suggest checking out your local shelter! Shelter pets make the best friends:]

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  1. Awwww...sweet. J&C-buddies for life.