Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Eve in Pictures - Part 1

Happy New Year everyone!

Thomas' parents left this morning, and we've been spending the day lounging and recovering from the last busy (but so fun!) two weeks. I thought I'd put together a quick post about New Years Eve but I decided to split it into two parts so that it won't be too terribly long.

This New Years was extra fun because we got to spend it with Mari and Holly as well. The day started off with an amazing brunch at Parish, an adorable restaurant in the Inman Park/Old Fourth Ward area. The atmosphere is great--it has tons of natural light, interesting textures, and a rustic feel.

The meal started off with a round of complimentary beignets.

Then, we shared three things as a table: first, an order of brioche french toast with fruit compote.

Next, lemon and buttermilk pancakes. They were so light and fluffy--my favorite dish for sure. I'm also in love with the gorgeous plate they were served on.

And last, a plate of belgian waffles with brown sugar butter.

We could have stopped there, but did we? Nah. Here's Thomas' entree, fried chicken doghead benedict (a buttermilk biscuit, fried chicken breast, poached eggs, andouille sawmill gravy) and hashbrowns.

And my entree, a fried green tomato BLT with hashbrowns on the side.

After lunch we took a few photos to show off the cool building.

Since we had just eaten a huge heavy meal, it worked out perfectly that Mari had planned a walking tour of Oakland Cemetery for the group. Oakland has been around since the 1850s, and is just a short drive from Mari and Holly's place. It's kind of an unusual cemetery in lots of ways, the most notable being that weddings and other celebrations are often held there. It really is a beautiful place, and the tour was very fun and educational (nevermind the walking-off-our-brunch aspect).

Here's a shadowy picture of the group, excluding Tom and Gladys.

There's Gladys!

Here's our excellent tour guide, Sally, in front of the Richards tomb.

A view of the cemetery/sky line.

These tombstones all belong to Confederate soldiers who died during the Civil War.

 I was especially impressed by the mausoleums--many of them were so ornate and beautiful (especially since they were decorated with Christmas wreaths and bows).

That's all for today--tomorrow I'll finish the New Years Eve recap with pictures from that night's celebration!



  1. So, I haven't been commenting lately, but I've still been reading and enjoying faithfully. I really like the scarf you're wearing in these pictures. You look great!

  2. I'm so glad to hear that you're still reading! My scarf came from one of my favorite accessory stores, Charming Charlie. I love square scarves and it was calling my name. Thanks for the sweet comment and for being such a devoted follower:]