Monday, January 23, 2012

We eat a lot.

Hey there!

I do apologize for my absence during the later part of last week--things have been busy around here, as usual. This week we went out several times, and have lots of food pictures to show for it!

Thursday we had a work dinner at Maggiano's and even got to close up shop early.

Dinner was served family style, and unfortunately I was too hungry to pause for pictures. Luckily, by the time dessert came around, I was stuffed enough to wait.

Then, on Saturday, we went to dinner with friends at Flip Burger. We've been to Flip several times, and this time I decided to try a new [to me] entree, the turkey burger. I did stick with my usual side, onion rings, and I wasn't disappointed.

Thomas, ever the adventurous one, had the banh mi burger and fries.

Then, on Sunday, we used a Groupon (thanks to my brother's excellent Christmas gifting skills) and headed to Little Azio for dinner.

The meal included a caesar salad,

Two entrees: (I chose fettucini alfredo, Thomas chose a Napoletana pizza).

 And beverages. Look at this adorable mini carafe!

Overall, the weekend was full of relaxation, food, and friends. What else is a weekend supposed to be?


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  1. UMMM....can feel the love. So glad your weekend was good. We feasted on Dad's world famous brisket, so ours was yummy too.