Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Na Na Na Na Na Na - You Say It's Your Birthday!

Na Na Na Na Na Na - It's My Birthday Too!

But seriously, today is my birthday. For those of you who don't know (probably no one because I talk about it all the time), I'm turning 22!

21 was an amazing year. I planned a wedding, graduated college, got married, went on an amazing honeymoon, moved halfway across the country, got a new job, and (I'm sure) much more. 22 will hopefully be much less hectic, but just as memorable.

Although this is out of order from my Valentine's Day post, Thomas and I celebrated my birthday last weekend with a date to Fogo de Chao, courtesy of a giftcard from my parents.

Sidenote: My last box of contacts ran out a couple of weeks ago, and I've been intending to order more while crossing my fingers that I didn't lose/destroy the final pair. Of course, on Friday night, I inadvertently closed my left lens in the lid of my contact case, ripping it in half. Contact lens drama: if anyone was bound to have it, 'twould be me. So, I've been wearing my glasses--and stumbling around blindly--since.

Here I am before the big date.

We didn't make reservations, so the wait was kind of lengthy. We didn't mind though--we'll never complain about getting to spend some extra time talking and people watching. Here's Thomas in front of the wine room.

I know this isn't the first thing people think of in reference to Fogo, but their salad bar is amazing. Here's Thomas' plate.

And here's mine. The chicken salad was soooo good.

I promise you I ate more meat that night than I have ever before. This is a fraction of what I consumed. I couldn't even get a picture of Thomas' plate, because he was a ravenous beast.

Here I am sippin' my caipirinha.

And here's Thomas in a food coma.

Our waiter was so sweet. I mentioned early on--as I always do--that my birthday was coming up in a week (to my credit, he was checking my ID, so it came up in conversation). Without even being sneakily or obviously asked, he brought me a birthday flan! I'm not a huge fan of flan, but this one was great.

I'm sure I'll have more details after my actual birthday celebration(s), but this is all for now. I know 22 will be great!


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