Sunday, February 5, 2012

Turkey Puppets and a Tandem Slanket

Happy Sunday!

This weekend we've had lots of fun, starting Friday night. We have a quarterly work social every 3 months (aka quarterly), and this time I chose the venue--Ormsby's.

Ormsby's is famous for their beer selection. They also carry one of my favorite ciders, JK Scrumpy. It is amazing (mostly because it tastes just like apple juice).  

For dinner I went outside my typical 'comfort zone' and tried something I wouldn't normally get--a roast beef sandwich on a hoagie roll with pot roast gravy and horseradish sour cream. I also had a side of onion rings--I'm not sure if you can tell from this picture, but each ring was 4-6 inches in diameter. 

This wasn't my dessert, but I still thought it was pretty--Apple Cobbler.

Then, on Saturday, we did some chores and relaxing throughout the day, and headed up to Roswell (a suburb of Atlanta) in the afternoon. Roswell is unlike a lot of suburbs in that it's actually old and historic--it's not just cookie cutter houses and restaurants.

We went to have dinner with Addy and Glenard, my coworkers and our good friends, starting with a walk around the square.

 I got this cute little zipper ring at an antique store for $3! (I decided to try out one of this season's nail trends--one randomly colored nail on each hand).

One of the stores had lots of kids toys, including these lovely puppets.  

This is one of the historic homes/tour sites in Roswell. It was beautiful. 

This sign was just ridiculous. 

 After perusing the town for a couple of hours, we headed to a local coffee shop. Thomas and I split this 'small' french press--so tasty.

Next, we headed back to Glenard's place for appetizers and dinner. While we waited, Addy and I started the beauty-palooza.

 I did her nails...

 And she rolled my hair.

 Next, it was time for dinner. Lasagne!

And after dinner, Glenard taught us to play Mahjong. I'm not a huge game player, but this game was so fun. We literally stayed til 2:00 a.m. playing, and I even won once:]

I'll wrap up with this awesome picture of Addy and I in a tandem Slanket. Was your Saturday night this cool?


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