Saturday, November 12, 2011

Atlanta Pet Expo

Since I've been slacking on posts this week, I'm back for another Saturday blog!

Last night, Thomas and I went out for dinner and drinks with one of my work friends. She's been great about introducing me to her friends, and it's been really nice to finally get back into the groove of hanging out with people after work. We all met up at Pure Taqueria after work. The food was good (and reasonably priced) and the decor was fun and interesting. I even experienced my first valet park job! It was also free, which was a nice added bonus.

 The tables at the restaurant were tree printed! Impressive.

 Thomas had the Torta Cubana.

 And I had my favorite, taquitos!

This morning, Thomas and I were woken up by Jack and Charlotte at 8:00 a.m. They were playing on our bodies as we continued to sleep, because I guess animals' body clocks are based on how light it is outside so the time change janks them up. Regardless, all they care about is that it's breakfast time and they want foooood!

After a solid half hour of being used as jungle gyms/scratching posts, we got up, started making coffee, and toasted some banana bread Thomas' mom sent (thanks Andrea!) We talked about what we want to get done this weekend, the priority items being:
1) Cleaning
2) Finishing the laundry
3) Relaxing
4) Taking Jack to the park
5) Planning our contributions to Thanksgiving dinner

We took Jack outside for his morning play, and 'three legs' (the crazy 3 legged dog from next door) traipsed onto the lawn. Jack was having none of that, so he chased her back to her place. She responded by chasing him back to ours, all while we and the neighbor yelled at them to come back. Funnily enough, they don't touch each other at all during this traipsing--they just chase the other through the huge pile of leaves that is our yard. Here's our view:

Earlier this week, I read about an event about 20 minutes away called the Atlanta Pet Expo. We've wanted to get Jack microchipped for a while now, and it was only $25 there so we decided to make the trip. Here is some Fall foliage we saw on the drive:

The expo attracts thousands of people and dogs every year and features over 100 vendors. Shorty from Pit Boss was there this time (we totally saw him!) and there are dogs and cats for adoption. Jack was really nervous at first, but eventually warmed up. Being around hundreds of other dogs of all sizes--from Teacup Poodles to HUGE Great Danes--would put anyone in sensory overload. 

We made our way to the back of the huge room where the microchiping area was, and filled out the forms/waited in line. Once it started, the procedure was over with pretty quickly. Jack did cry out super loud at the initial stick, but it was done within a few seconds and now he won't get lost! If you're trying to decide about microchipping your pet, I would definitely suggest it. Most shelters and humane societies offer the service for $25 or less, and sometimes it's even free.

After the 'chipping, we walked around and let Jack meet some dogs. We even saw a ferret on a leash, which we thought was kind of crazy. The ferret was really brave and even ran up to big dogs, but Thomas kept talking about how dangerous it was since lots of animals have a huge prey drive and love to go after bite-sized animals like ferrets. Either way, he/she was cute. After around half an hour, Jack was pretty over the whole expo situation so we decided to head home to rest for the afternoon. Here is in his 'sick bed'.

Charlotte isn't one for resting, so she stalked this really brave squirrel through the window:

Enjoy your weekend, everyone:]

-T, K, J, & C

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  1. Big doggy day! What a scene that must've been at the Expo. Wish I could have seen it!!