Thursday, November 3, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things: Thomas Edition

Hey guys! 

I promised last week that I would continue with the favorite things posts. Sadly, Thomas and I have much fewer photos of our favorite things (because, shockingly, Jack and Charlotte haven't learned to use my Nikon just yet).

Photos or no, we both have favorite things. Here are Thomas'.

Thomas' Favorite Things
10. Being handy.

Here he is looking klassy in his 'handy suit,' getting ready to mow the lawn.

9. Video games & technology. 

A true early adopter, Thomas has been using Apple products before Apple products were in. With gusto.
8. The outdoors.

 No big deal, just hanging out in the snow with a triceratops hat.

7. Skin care products. All Kiehl's, of course. Only the best for my boo.

 Sheer joy at the prospect of using all that moisturizer.

Our most recent purchase this Saturday.

6. Meat of all varieties.

Check out his dinners on our Honeymoon: All meat, all the time.

5. Chocolate milk. Specifically, Promise Land Midnight Chocolate.

We had a chocolate milk fountain at our wedding for a reason (hint: I don't even drink milk).
Please notice that he is gulping and I am [fake] sipping. Typical.

4. Cooking.

Decorating Christmas cookies last year.

Look at that smile. Have you ever seen a guy so excited to get an Ulu knife?!

3. Music/Audio/Sound.

2. The babies.

This is one of my favorite of the boys.

This just melts my little heart.

1. Me!

The UP kids, Halloween 2010.

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