Friday, November 18, 2011

Farm Burger


Quick update on some goings on this week:

A couple of work girls and I went to a nearby restaurant called Farm Burger for lunch this Wednesday. The place is kind of expensive, but super tasty. All of the food is fresh, seasonal, and local. We'll definitely be back.

 This is a Farm Burger tattoo. I promptly applied it to my face. PSYCH.

 These cute little stamps are on the corner of each placemat.

Here's my burger: I got the $8 meal which includes a $6 burger, fries, and a drink. Delicious!

On another note, ever wonder what it looks like when a bus hits a Mercedes?

This wreck happened Wednesday at prime traffic time (around 6:00 pm) in front of my office complex. I can't imagine getting in an accident with a MARTA bus...but I also can't imagine running a red light while driving a Mercedes;]

Happy Friday everyone!


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