Thursday, August 11, 2011

Goin' to the chapel (and we already got married): Couple's Shower & Rehearsal

Hey there, 
Today we're getting ready for the Death Cab show [pictures tomorrow], and running some random errands--like buying the tart pan I thought about buying yesterday. 

As promised, the wedding recap pictures continue today with the couple's shower and the FEW pictures we got at the rehearsal!

Thomas' cousins Kat and Martha threw us a really fun co-ed couples shower. Lots of our friends came, and it was fun to have people from both sides of our family and friends there. This 'shower' had all the makings of a great party. Check it out:

 The chiminea was cranking alll night long,

Thomas told campfire stories,

There was a ton of beer and even a signature cocktail: the KinTommy (SO TASTY),

People came down all the way from another state just to see us,

I had a really good hair day,

Patsy showed his muscles,


 Rob tricked my parents into thinking he was Rob Dyrdek from Rob & Big (just by talking),

We took a legit Awkward Family Photo,

And sweet high five moments were had by all.

This shower was seriously one of the highlights of the wedding planning/celebrating process. It was a really relaxed good time, and it gave all of our friends and cousins a chance to meet and fraternize before the big day. Plus there were personalized cocktails. What could be better? 

Now onto the rehearsal. I didn't realize I didn't have any pictures of the rehearsal dinner, so that's a downer...but here's what we do have at the chapel.

 The groomsmen practicing their positioning.

 Jack getting used to the feel of the chapel floor on his paws.

 Us! Practicing...getting married.

The rehearsal went by really fast. Everyone was behaved and understood their parts (maybe because I handed every person like 6 pages worth of highlighted paper detailing what they needed to do?) and it all went perfectly.

Next we headed off to the rehearsal dinner at Thomas' parents house. Their backyard was a magical wonderland of lights and awesomeness--even more so than usual. The food was absolutely amazing, and we loved spending time with our family and closest friends right before the big day. Thomas' dad made a really cute/cry worthy video of our lives [together & apart] up to this point. I plan to post it at some point during these recaps, so check back for that later.

Tomorrow I'll be making a dessert to take to a dinner meeting with one of my dad's friends/coworkers here. Thomas and I are looking forward to meeting him and his family, and hopefully my tart turns out well (because how embarrassing would it be if it sucked?!) I'll be posting that recipe soon, and it looks like it will be amazing.

Jack also has to go to the vet tomorrow for the spots I discovered under his chin yesterday that look like mange. From what we've heard, some dogs are just really prone to mange, so we're going to go ahead and get it checked out. I hate it when my baby is sick--
I know what you're thinking--imagine it being a real baby, but this is my real baby for now! There's a vet in the PetsMart close to our house, and we got a coupon for a free vet visit. We'll still have to pay for any medication that's required, but at least the visit itself is free. We're hoping that it's just allergies from the Georgia plants and bugs, but we'll keep you updated.
Charlotte stole Jack's blanket to reassure him about his looming vet visit.

-T, K, J, & C
Note: Unless otherwise mentioned, all photos in this post were taken by friends or family.

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