Monday, August 1, 2011

Floorplanning Like a Boss

Ahh, another Monday. Weekends don't mean much when you're unemployed, but we had a good one anyway. Hopefully that will be remedied soon. Even though I don't talk about applying for jobs, trust that I am! I mean, who wants to read about the job search? I'm pretty sure everyone knows it sucks.

Anyway, on Friday, Thomas and I went on a date for our two month anniversary. I guess you're supposed to celebrate the months up until 1 year, but I'm planning on trying to stretch that out for quite a while;] We used a Scoutmob (of course) and got 50% off at a GREAT Italian restaurant called Baroni. They have a really young/fun vibe and it was the first time we ate in a restaurant that felt like it was really in the city since it's in sort of an industrial area with a lot of high rises. The food was extremely delicious--my ravioli was literally one of the best things I've ever eaten!

Thomas had the Tagliatelle with sauteed mushrooms and sausage. 

 And I had the ravioli of the day, which was stuffed with ricotta and covered in a delicious cream sauce. It was truly amazing.

On Saturday we spent the day putting the house back together. Things are looking great! It's so nice to have (most) everything in its place now, after being here around 6 weeks. We cleaned and worked on the house in the morning, and in the afternoon we headed to Bed Bath & Beyond to look around for something to cover the hole in the living room. We found the perfect mirror, and it's huge. It's $100, but I hate to pay full I'm waiting until a 20% off coupon comes out. Thanks to our awesome friends and family, we also still have giftcards! We went home empty handed, but now we at least have a plan.

Then Saturday night, we watched True Blood and hung out around the house. We're completely addicted, and we're currently in the middle of season 2. If you're into vampires/supernatural stuff, and you don't mind gore or nudity, you should definitely consider watching it. The discs are available on Netflix, which is what we use.
Yesterday marked the first day of Shark Week! I looove Shark Week, so we've been watching lots of Discovery Channel and expanding our shark knowledge. Hopefully we never have to do it, but now we both know how to put a shark in tonic by rubbing it's nose/mouth area. Ha.

I've also been working on a digital floor plan of the house, which I've mentioned before. I used a free website called Floorplanner. It's really easy to use and fun (if you're into that sort of thing) to mess around with. This is another one of those "I don't even want to say how long I spent working on this" kind of things, but trust was a while. I did it for fun, for reference--since we had to take the measurements for carpet and stuff--and to give our family and friends a better idea of what our little house looks like for those who haven't been here. So here it is:
Now when I talk about the house and the renovations we've done, you can better envision the flow of things. Everything is still a work in progress, but you get the idea. Also, the yard is still hypothetical, but we're hoping to work on building it next weekend.

Later in the week I plan to photograph the den, which is finished but had a ton of crap in it, and the other rooms. We still have pretty much nothing to hang on the walls, but we're hoping to remedy that eventually. I'm always trying to remind myself that houses don't become perfect and homey instantly, but I do sometimes get impatient. Overall we're happy with how things are looking, and we have some long and short term goals for improvement.

See you guys tomorrow!
-T, K, J, & C


  1. True Blood fan too . . . we are watching Season 3 right now! Gonna find out what Sookie really is??!!

  2. Awesome job w/ the Floorplanner!! It's so exact! I have a 20% off BBB coupon. I'll mail it tomorrow!

  3. Love your blog, Kinsey! Your house and all the decorating look great and you guys are doing an awesome job on choices. I also love your pictures, recipes, etc., etc., etc. Keep it coming - I'm enjoying it so much!
    Love, Lois W.