Friday, July 29, 2011

It is finished.

Finally. I am so happy to announce that it is all finished. Ahhh. Major sigh of relief. Now, here's what happened today.

The carpet guys were supposed to get here at 10. So, of course, I waited around all morning and they got here at like 12:30. Not like I had anything else to do, right?! Ha. Anywho, they put in the carpet, and it was done within 3 hours. It looks really nice and feels great too! Check it out:

Ta-da! Also notice the new ceiling fan.

I had Charlotte in to inspect. She approves!

We've been waiting SO long to have everything finished, I couldn't hold on one more second to start setting things up. Since we bought the craigslist bed on Monday, the mattress has been lying in the front room on the floor, getting in the way of everything. 

 Exhibit A. Lazy.

Even though Thomas is still at work, I got industrious and decided to build the bed. All by myself (independence struck again). Thomas told me it was "more of a two person job" and I may have almost killed myself carrying the mattress(es) in and shoving them on, but I did it! I didn't take pictures of the whole process, but I did take some of just the frame.

Since it's from IKEA, the frame was relatively easy to put together. Hopefully it doesn't break.

There was a mattress that came with the bed, but since we truly care about our future guests' comfort, we decided to stack Thomas' old futon mattress on top of that for added cushion. I even used our actual pillows so you could get the complete picture.

Again, Inspector Charlotte couldn't wait to check things out. She loves the bed and is sitting there still.

 Fair warning: here's where things got a little out of hand and this basically became a pet photo shoot instead of a bed one.

The huntress.

So then of course Jack's like "hey what's this new bed about?" and joins the fun.

He instantly approves and decides to lie down.

I'm sorry, but this is just ridiculously cute. 

We needed to practice for the real photo shoot, which is happening on August 13th.

Awww. I hope our kids are this cute ;]

Being a cat and all, Charlotte remains disinterested (aka she's just pretending).

 "HI MOM!"

And the clicking of the shutter won her interest...

But she prioritized window guarding yet again.

While Jack continued to pose and look sultrily over his shoulder. 

And then yawn (the black spots on his tongue are normal, FYI. Thomas thinks it's because he's a mutt).

Like I said, that's a lot of pictures of my pets. But they are unbelievably cute, and since I'm their mom and this is my blog, I couldn't resist showing you. Needless to say, the bed has been ok-ed by the important ones.

Today is our two month wedding anniversary! I'm embarrassed to say that my mom had to remind me, but now that I remembered, I think we might use it as a reason to go out for dinner! We haven't been out in over a week, and I think we might both explode if we have to cook tonight. Plus, we have a 50% off (thanks, Scoutbmob!) to this awesome sounding Italian place with a mozzarella bar. I can't even really imagine what that is, but it sounds legit. So I think we might go explore it!

Monday I will be posting the final layout of our house that I created using Floorplanner. I spent a ridiculous amount of time on it, but you've all been begging me to see the house layout (kidding. No one has even asked) and I just couldn't hold out on you anymore! It was one of those pointless yet fun projects that I look forward to showing you. 

Hope you all have a fun/relaxing weekend!
-T, K, J, & C


  1. Congrats on your new home so to speak! Looks awesome! Since J&C have given it their stamp of approval, I feel great about it!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Yea!!!!! Thank goodness for falling trees & homeowners insurance! Love you guys!