Tuesday, July 12, 2011

First of all, today was really really really hot.

It feels really heavy outside and it's almost like the air is going to burst with rain. Sadly there has still been no work (or even talk of work) done on the house. Apparently that's just how insurance companies work. I'm sure it doesn't seem like it's been that long since the tree incident to State Farm...but we're the ones living here with everything from our back two rooms in our front room. The roof leaks in the back room closet and the laundry room every time it rains, and we found out today that State Farm doesn't cover damage done to the house after the adjuster files his report (which happened over a week ago). That means that every time it rains, we're at risk for un-covered water damage. It's definitely getting a little frustrating and we're hoping that works starts by the end of this week if not before. 

Today we went grocery shopping and stopped back by the farmer's market. We got a couple of pictures of some really interesting fruit we've never seen before. 

This is Jack Fruit. Each one is about a foot and a half long. It's pretty funny looking.

 We took this picture because Ranbutan is also called chom chom. Ha.

This van was in the farmer's market parking lot. You can't see the whole thing, but you can see the important part. We thought it was pretty picture worthy. 

This peach isn't from the farmer's market, but it is the biggest and most delicious peach I've ever eaten. I'm glad I remembered to take a picture before eating it!

Charlotte has become a lot more explorative over the last day. She enjoys sitting in the window and looking out at our neighbor's house. She also likes sleeping on the couch snuggling with Jack, as you'll see below. Cats and dogs are so different, and it's fun to see her jump into window sills and curl up on the kitchen chair. Jack loves to watch her, and so far they get along really well. She likes to roll onto her back to lure him over, and once he gets up to her she slaps him in the face. Here of some pictures of her over the last day.

Charlotte already likes HGTV. She's looking forward to watching Flipping Out tonight!

 Basking under the warmth of the lamp.

I love this picture. So cute!

Charlotte is mildly afraid of thunder...but instead of hiding she snuggled up in my lap.

 Here they are snuggling. They love each other already!

Here's a cute video of their interactions. She pushes Jack around by rubbing herself up against him. Of course, he just lets it happen.

Hope you enjoyed the cuteness as much as we have!
-T, K, J, & C