Thursday, July 14, 2011

Productivity at its best.

I'm clearly running out of things to talk about when I start bragging about how productive I was today. You all know I never really run out of things to talk about, so I'm going to give you a summary of my day right quick just because I can.

Today Thomas went into Eclipse, the studio he'll be interning with in the fall, so I've had the house to myself all day. Being jobless is fun for a while, but I'm the sort of person who needs to feel productive and I get bored with sitting around really quickly. I decided to take it upon myself to clean the house today, and I feel much better now that I've actually done something.

First, I got up early and made us Lemon Rolls for breakfast. As a side note, we LOVE Orange Rolls, and when we went to Kroger last week they had "special edition" Lemon Rolls for a dollar cheaper. We like lemon, and we like cheap things, so we went for them instead of our usual orange. Let me just say, we were not disappointed. If you see Lemon Rolls next time you're at the store, I urge you to buy them. Sorry I went off on that tangent, but it was important. 

Next, a local charity came and picked up some big furniture that was left in the house from the previous tenants that we decided not to use. It's been cluttering up the sun room for over a month (that's how long it's taken for them to get over here--I guess they're busy) and it felt sooo good to finally see it gone. I also got a receipt so we can write it off on our JOINT taxes. Good times.

Then I did three loads of laundry. That's a lot. I even remembered to hang up our shirts while they were still wet, which we sometimes forget to do (*cough* Thomas *cough*) and they end up shrinking:[

I started feeling really productive and ended up dusting and vacuuming the entire house. I know, sheer insanity. For whatever reason I really do feel like cleaning a lot more here. I think it's because I'm not going to school full time, working part time, and planning a wedding. Haha. There's something more alluring about cleaning now that I have nothing else going on. I even cleaned the laundry room, which is the (un-air conditioned) way we come into the house. We're not used to living in an area with pine trees that drop needles. They get in your shoes and end up all over your floor, so we've found that the only way to keep the house clean is to make sure the laundry room floor is clear.

Finally, I paid bills online/set up online bill pay. Real grown up stuff I tell you.  I also cleaned out my purse and organized random stuff, and I even took out the trash and cleaned out the kitty box. I think being productive is kind of addictive. Maybe soon I'll get a job so I can get paid for my productive-ness!
I can't leave you hanging without a picture (I know this post was boring to read, but I needed to see all my awesomeness listed out. Because I'm OCD like that). Here's what Jack and Charlotte did while I cleaned. Today Charlotte braved her fears of the vacuum as she sat and watched me suck up all her hair off the rug instead of running to hide. She's adjusting so well! It's like she's been here forever:]

-T, K, J, & C

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