Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Poppy Paloozaaaa!

The recipe that I'm going to share with you today is absolutely amazing. I can't truly convey how delicious these Poppy Seed Sandwiches are, so I'm going to rely on Thomas' quote that "If we ever opened a restaurant, I'd want to serve these." He loves them. And we all know he has high standards. I even had to set a limit on how many he could eat, because I want to have some left over for dinner. Here's what you do:

These are the ingredients you'll need.

 First, slice the rolls in half. I cut them all with a bread knife while they were still stuck together, which made it easier than doing it individually.

 Then add a layer of cheese, a layer of ham/turkey, and another layer of cheese. All the cheese will ooze together to form a perfectly sealed little package.

 Next, put the tops of the rolls back on.

 Mix up the sauce and spoon it over the sandwiches. There's plenty of sauce, so don't be skimpy. You want it to run down the sides, get into the sandwich, and pool around the bottom.

 Now cover those babies up with foil and put them to sleep in the fridge over night. It's hard to resist cooking them up and devouring them right away, but you'll be glad you did.

 The next day, stick them in the oven with the foil still on at 350F for 15 minutes. Then remove the foil and cook another 15 minutes. This is the finished product.

Here you can see them in all their hot, flavorful, melty glory. Words can't describe the awesome. These are perfect for parties, showers, or even just a regular lunch!

Poppy Seed Sandwiches
1 package Hawaiian Dinner Rolls
10-16 oz. shaved deli meat (ham or turkey, we used both)
8-10 oz. sliced baby Swiss cheese
8-10 oz. sliced Pepper Jack cheese

1 stick butter, melted
2 1/2 tablespoons yellow mustard
2 1/2 tablespoons Worcestershire
2 1/2 tablespoons poppy seed
2 tablespoons minced onion

Slice rolls in half. Put the bottom halves in a 9x13 pan. Top with deli meat, then cheese. Put top half of rolls back on. Melt butter and add rest of sauce ingredients. Mix well and spoon sauce over the top of the rolls. Cover sandwiches with foil and refrigerate over night. Bake at 350F for 15 minutes. Remove foil and bake for another 15 minutes until hot and bubbly throughout.

In other news, construction continued on the house today. The rooms officially have no ceilings. It rained on our new roof this afternoon, and it held up perfectly! I've always loved rain, but during the last 3 weeks I've felt guilty saying that I wanted it, since that meant buckets of water pouring into the back half of our house. Now I'm hoping it will pour for a long as that doesn't bring another tree down! Haha..ha. But seriously. Here's the progress:
 Here's the back room minus a ceiling plus some now exposed shady wiring.

 Here's the guest room (and Thomas' head) and its holy insulation.

And this, my friends, is a pair of stilts. Awesome yet ridiculous. Apparently that's how they reach the ceiling. Thomas couldn't understand why I was surprised to discover this.

Finally, and most importantly, Thomas will be starting his internship next week. We were originally thinking it would start in August/September, but they had an opening and e-mailed him right away! He'll be working all day Tuesday/Friday and half-days Wednesday. The internship will be unpaid, but it's great experience. At the end, they'll either choose to hire him, or he'll just be able to put the experience on his resume. Either way, it works out great. We're excited to finally have a tangible reason to be in Atlanta--I mean, this is literally the reason we moved here--and he's looking forward to getting started. I'm nervous about being left alone at home all day, but I know I'll find things to do! Hopefully I'll get a job soon so we'll actually be making some money:]

Charlotte and I had a mini photo shoot this afternoon. Here are the results:

Here she is in her sunny couch spot.
 She has the prettiest green eyes!

Tomorrow we'll be updating on the official paint colors we chose. I changed my mind on all of them, so it'll be a surprise!

-T, K, J, & C


  1. MMMMMM.....visions of Poppyseed Sandwiches in my head... WOO HOO, progress on the house & CONGRATS to Thomas!
    Life is good!

  2. oops, that comment was from Kinsey's awesome MOM!