Monday, July 11, 2011

Family of Four (no it's not a baby)

Hey hey!

We hope you all had a great weekend! We definitely did. Big news in Atlanta--we finally got a cat! Like Jack, we adopted her from a local shelter called Friends of Animals. She was up for adoption at Petsmart two weekends ago, and when Thomas saw her he immediately fell in love. She was up for adoption under the name Gigi, which we have since changed. He says she reminded him of his first love/childhood cat, Catherine. Anyone who knew Catherine knows that she was poised, compassionate, and of course beautiful. This cat struck us as having similar qualities, but we weren't sure if we should get a new pet just yet.

Anyone who knows me is aware that I've been absolutely dying to get a cat for...well, basically forever. Since I was a little girl I've loved cats (in fact, my first word was "gato," which means cat) and I've missed having one for a long time. We've been planning on it since before the move, but we decided last week that we wanted to start the cat adoption process. We happened in to Petsmart yesterday, not planning to leave with a cat but open to the possibility, and noticed that Gigi (who we're now calling Charlotte) was still up for adoption. Funnily enough, she was sleeping in her litter box. When Thomas went in to talk to her, she came right out and excitedly rubbed her face up against the cage to get her pets. He took Jack around the store while I went in. Any of my "I'm not so sure if this is the right cat" thoughts went out the window as soon as she licked my finger and begged me to pet her. We called the number on the cage, waited a few hours, and finally got her! What was supposed to be a 3 day process only took us a few hours because they said we seemed like cat people:D

 Here she is!
I mostly love this picture because her tongue is peeking out.

Hanging out on the kitchen chair.

Her favorite spot so far--ironically, also Jack's longtime fave.

She likes looking at her reflection in the window.

According to the lady at the adoption center, Charlotte was originally owned by a Puerto Rican family who had 3 large dogs. They decided after they found she and her brother that they didn't want any more pets. The woman that we dealt with at the shelter was the one who took them in. She said she knew right away that Charlotte had a sweet personality because she purred like crazy when being held. She's about 7 months old and is a brown tabby. She has really pretty green eyes and looks pretty small for her age. She is insanely snuggly and seems to not mind being held.

My babies. This warms my heart. 

Her little bell collar (pink with buttons--finally I get to dress a girl!) lets us know where she is. 

The feisty look.

We know you're supposed to wait a day or more before introducing pets to one another...but we couldn't wait! Jack has already gotten smacked in the face a few times, but so far they're getting a long really well. She has actually chased him around the house a little, which is really fun to watch. He gets surprisingly scared of her. Haha. Here's what it looked like when they met for the first time:

J: Hellooooo??!!
C: Uhh hi.

J: Can I get closer?
C: I'll allow it.



J: Mmm, smells like a lady.

J: (speechless and can't even control himself)
C: Get that thing outta my face.

 Jack's happy face. He finally got a sister!

 Finally, Jack fell asleep on my left...

and Charlotte on my right.

Last night she slept eventually, even though she meowed quite a bit at first. This morning she and Jack have been playing, and I even caught her rubbing up against him like she would one of us. He was really confused by this, and obviously still can't contain his excitement. Prepare to see lots more about Charlotte and her antics (with no shortage of Jack I'm sure) in the upcoming posts! Now we're a family of four and we couldn't be happier about it!

-T, K, J, & C


  1. Congrats on Charlotte! I'm up to 2 grands already....and you've only been married a month!
    She & Jack will have a blast. Can't wait to hear more!

  2. Charlotte is one lucky cat! She's going to have a dream life!


  3. What a sweet story!! They will love each other, just like my Mitzie & Tazzie did!!