Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My punishment for complaining that yesterday was hot...

This morning we woke up and Thomas noticed that the air vents around the house weren't blowing cool air. It was more like room temperature, and there wasn't much air coming out at all. The house felt hot last night, but I just figured it was from us cooking dinner and whatnot. This morning it was pretty apparent that there was something wrong; the house was at about 82 and getting hotter (as opposed to the normal 74-76 that we keep it on--I know mom and dad, SHOCKING). We called our landlady, who told us the AC unit was still under warranty. Within 3 hours we had a guy out looking at it and the fix was an easy one. Ants had gotten into the contactor which basically just means the outside unit couldn't complete the circuit, and therefore couldn't work.

I guess I had overly high expectations for how quickly the house would cool off after the AC was fixed. It's now after 6:00 and the house is still hovering around 80. There is cool air coming out of the vents, so we know it's working. It's just a slow process (just like getting the house fixed, getting jobs...and everything it seems) and we've been here allll day because going places means spending money. The animals and I have felt lethargic all day, and my food intake has consisted of a bagel for breakfast and 4 otterpops. Nothing sounds good to me when it's hot like this. Maybe it should be hot more often? Ha. In other news, we chose our paint colors! 

For the guest bedroom, we decided on a sandy brown to go with our bright quilt and (eventually/hopefully) white furniture/desk. It's called Sahara Sands by Valspar. The trim will be bright white. We also have white floor length flow-y curtains to cover the closet and the doorway leading to the back bedroom. We think the color will be just dark enough to give the room some interest, and we'll be hanging colorful things on the walls to make sure it's not boring!
For the back bedroom (aka Thomas' music room) we're planning to use a sagey green color. The room doesn't get much natural light, so we're planning on replacing the light fixture and adding a lamp or two. We wanted to use a light, bright color to open up the space. We chose Valspar's Sage Bud, since it's in the same family as the colors we've used in the bedroom and bathroom. The trim will also be bright white in this room.
Otherwise, no big decisions or fun things went down today. The waiting game is getting old and we're getting bored (and hot). We're hoping that something happens soon job/house wise, and until then...I'll find random little things to blog about! 

 I couldn't resist.

-T, K, J, & C

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  1. Hopefully you'll sleep cool tonight! Charlotte the laptop wiz!!