Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gimme Pizza Slow

Hello everybody!
Update for everyone not on Facebook, Jack got enough votes to make it into the top 26 of the Red Bandanna contest, which means he qualified for a mini-photoshoot! He's really excited, and we'll be going in for the session on August 13. After the photos are taken, people will vote again on who should be on the cover. Either way, it seems like he'll be in the calendar. I'll be posting a link when the time comes so everyone can buy one that's interested.

This afternoon we (I) decided that we couldn't stand looking at the dingy doors in the laundry room anymore, so I painted them! Now they're a crisp, clean white that matches the trim. There will be pictures tomorrow after I do final touch ups.

While I was painting the doors, Thomas got motivated and stained the bed frame. It looks awesome! Pictures tomorrow on that as well. He got stain all over his hands, and since it was the kind with polyurethane already mixed in, he can't get it off. Haha. 

Sorry I don't have any other exciting news today. Tomorrow we're going to look at flooring options with our landlady. She is SO awesome, she's letting us pick or at least have major input on literally everything. It's really great. So we'll let you know what goes on there. 

Here's a funny video because I have nothing else awesome to discuss. When Thomas and I first found it, we watched it every day. There are endless funny references in this one short clip. Thanks MaryKate and Ashley!

Also, Jack and Charlotte say hi!

I'm telling you, they do this on their own!

-T, K, J, & C


  1. Crazy weird video! I'm so proud my granddog is an Atlanta superstar already! He must be teaching Charlotte all his photo posing tricks, I mean, wow!

  2. Fish sticks.... Put it in the pizza!