Thursday, July 7, 2011

Painting again!

Hey again!

Today was a productive (ish) day around here! The contractor came to look at the flooring, which he says will have to be replaced/fixed in the guest room as well as Thomas' music room. We ripped back some of the carpet to discover laminate in both rooms. In the guest room, the laminate appears to be covering dark hardwood. Why anyone would cover hardwood like that with cheap laminate, we're not sure...but we're hoping that it can be somehow restored or at least worked with. We both agree that either way, laminate is better than cheap carpet. The 'music room' has had previous water damage, so the laminate appears to be in worse condition there. Either way, they'll end up fixing it, which is great news.

The roof and ceilings will also be completely redone. When we moved into this house, we knew the roof was in really bad condition. We laugh about the fact that it might end up being a positive thing that the tree fell on our house, since it'll mean a completely new roof, new ceilings, and new flooring.

The most exciting development from today is that our landlady's insurance will actually cover repainting the two back rooms. I am BEYOND excited. If you recall, the guest room is currently purple. I like purple ok...but not for a bedroom. Thomas hates it, so we're excited to paint. It's also nice that someone else will actually be doing the painting, and it'll be free!
Here's a reminder of the color of the guest room. Not our favorite. Also, excuse the huge creepy hole in the ceiling.

The back room is painted blue, but we think it's a shade or two too dark for the space. The navy carpet also contributes to the darkness, making it pretty cave like. We're looking forward to making it a lot airier.
Again, the holes will soon be gone. We're also hoping for a new ceiling fan since that one sounds like it's going to bring the whole house down when we turn it on.

The insurance covers a primer and two coats of paint in whatever color of whatever finish we want! For FREEEE. Yeah, I'm excited. Here's what we're thinking:

The guest bedroom is a small room already, so we want to paint it a lighter color to open it up a bit. The background of this blog is actually the quilt that will be in our guest room, a gift from our old roommate Lauren. I loved it when it was in her dorm room, so when we both moved she gave it to us. It's very fun and bright, so it will help give the room some fun color. We're still working on getting a headboard and box spring for Thomas' fouton mattress. For the color, we're considering using a neutral, sandy brown, perhaps like this one. 

Benjamin Moore's Ashen Tan
As far as the back room goes, Thomas will eventually be setting up his mixing stuff there. We want to paint the room a light color, probably a really pale blue or grey. We were originally planning on doing a neutral in there and a blue in the guest room, but I don't want to overpower the guest room with color since the quilt is the main focus. While looking at some of my design blogs earlier, I discovered a free software called Floorplanner. It's really easy and fun to use and Thomas and I will be making a layout of the house for you (and for fun; we're nerdy like that) later tonight and posting about it soon.

The beginnings of tonight's dinner, stir fry! I'm excited:]

We'll wrap up with a picture of me cheezing in my new glasses (real Raybans! since they were on sale) for those of you interested (aka my mom). It's great to actually be able to see with my glasses on.

These lenses are about as thick as it gets.
Hope you all have a great Friday (and that you aren't as blind as I am)!

-T, K, & J


  1. Very good news about the house. Will look forward to watching the progress, and as long as that quilt's in the guest room, I'll be happy. LOVE the glasses.....not cheezy at all.

  2. I can relate to the glasses . . . and I think they look great too! Glad yall had some good news and are having fun with the new decorating opportunity! I am really enjoying reading all the blogs and love having pictures to back it up too. Love ya!