Monday, July 25, 2011

Craigslist hunting 24/7 pays off again!

Hey everybody!

Hopefully you all had a lovely weekend. We did lots of the usual hanging out at the house, but we also did a few productive/fun things! First of all, Friday and early Saturday, the construction crew worked on and finished the laundry room. We love the color and we think it looks SO much better to say the least. Here's the updating that went down:

This is what we were working with before. Granted, there's a huge hole in the ceiling and tree all over the floor, but you get it. 

 The paint color was sort of an almond originally. It was peeling really bad in lots of places, and generally looked dingy and old.

 Here it is now. We chose a pale blue to freshen the room. It's more soothing to do laundry now (relatively).

 Again, white trim really makes everything look so much prettier. We're also going to be repainting the ugly door soon. I guess that wasn't in their contract...

The dryer hose is still a little sketch, but it works. And the room looks way better now! 

Here's our cute entry mat. I know you were wondering about it! (NOT)

Tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. the crew will be returning to finish the back room. We're really excited to see everything done in there. It will definitely be the biggest transformation. After they finish, they'll be calling the flooring guys and hopefully they can come work on that soon.

On Saturday night, we went to Mari and Holly's to try out their new grill with some delicious steaks. We met more of their friends and had a great time. We took a key lime pie that I made for dessert, and it was pretty good, if I may say so. I forgot to take a picture though, so just trust me. I also made a big batch of Strawberry Jam while making the pie, because multi-tasking makes me happy. Now that Thomas knows jam is easy for me to home-make, I suspect we'll never buy it again.

Yesterday, we were discussing buying a bed from IKEA for the guest room (aka the Mother-in-Law room, according to my mom) and found one online for $50. We immediately drove to our IKEA, where we spent $50 on the bed + $30 on bed slats, and we felt good about our [Visa giftcard] purchase. There was some finagling to get the large-ish package in the car, but we handled it. We did however still need to get a mattress, which can be expensive.

After we got home, I happened to be perusing craigslist for a mattress when I came across the exact same bed we had just purchased, mattress and bed slats included, for a mere $100. Of course we decided to take back the one we had just bought, and today we made the trek over to Fulton (about 45 minutes away) where we had a quick and easy transaction and ended up coming home with this beauty:

It's really simple looking and we weren't super into the light color of the wood, so we bought a cheap stain and we'll be DIY-ing it to make it more 'us'. IKEA even left the wood unsealed for us to make it easy!

Tomorrow is Thomas' first day of interning at Eclipse, so I'll be home alone alll day. I'm sure I'll find things to do--some of which may include watching TV and napping:]

Now for the cuteness of the day: Jack wasn't feeling well, so he was napping on the couch. I happened to catch this awesome video of Charlotte jumping up to groom and comfort him.

-T, K, J, & C


  1. They really LOVE each other . . . VERY sweet!!

    Also, you could paint the dryer hose the color of your wall to kinda make it blend in more (just an idea).

    Still enjoying the Blog : )

  2. Great Idea on painting the dryer hose.....why didn't I think of that? J&C are so cute!
    Love it!