Friday, July 1, 2011

Recapping the Move

After yesterday's forever long picture post, today will be a lot shorter. I just wanted to show you all some pictures of moving and miscellaneous things we've done while in Atlanta so far. 

Tonight Thomas' Aunt Mari and her partner Holly took us to a Braves game for my mom's last night in town. It was exciting to do something new and my mom loves baseball, so it was a great time full of American-ish behavior, just in time for the 4th of July. Woo! We'll post pictures of the game soon.

 Isn't Jack just beautiful?  We think so.

At our old house, Jack always watched out the front window from his favorite couch. Now he can see out from his new spot on our bed.

 I'm getting back into baking again now that I have more time. These snickerdoodles are the result.

 My mom likes to take lots of pictures. This was one she insisted on at a McDonald's in Mississippi during an early morning of travel on the way to Atlanta, and I'm glad to have it now.

 Jack in his super comfy (and safe) car seat. It was a wedding gift from Mari and Holly and we LOVE it!

My mom and Mari.

Thomas and I on the Sunday we moved in, super sweaty from the humidity.

This little fire hazard was discovered in our laundry room, but was replaced by Thomas and his dad.

 It looks way less dangerous from the front.

Francis the cat in his new home guarding the front door.

Our awesome landlady Jeanie and her sweet husband Wayne.

Thomas and I at one of our favorite restaurants so far, Taqueria Del Sol.

This was taken Fat Matt's Rib Shack--so delicious.

Out little family walking in the neighborhood.

I think we're caught up with the move now! More adventure photos to come:]

-T, K, & J