Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thomas Speaks Out

Hey there!

Today I'm at a loss for things to talk about as I plan recipes for Labor Day and get things ready for our extras event Friday. Fortunately, I've been thinking about featuring Thomas on the blog to give you an idea of what he does every day and how he's liking Atlanta, and today seems like the perfect day to do it. I talk enough for both of us plus some, but I figured you might want to hear some of his remarks too! 

Q: What do you do on an average day working at the studio?
A: Well, I get there, say hello to everyone, put my backpack away in my little cubbyhole, and check the schedule for the day to see what clients we have in and who is in what rooms. I get a rough head count for lunch. Then I go over to where everyone is having breakfast, and hangout and talk for like 20 minutes. If there's yummy bagels or other such things, of course, I indulge. After that I typically figure out a rough estimation of what I'll be doing for the day by talking with my bosses to see what's going on. If any errands need to be run that require me leaving, I'll typically do them right then. Next I usually sit at the front desk to answer phones, field questions, etc. until I pass the lunch menu around at 10:00 a.m. 

I drop off the big book of lunch places with a client typically, and they'll choose where we're going to eat that day and get the menu going around to everyone. Then I go back to the front desk and keep doing whatever needs done. Typically at this point, I'll go and work on any projects that I have that I can fit into that time in an available audio room. While the lunch menu is passed around, I have to make sure it continues from person to person and doesn't get stuck anywhere. Hopefully by around 11:30, everyone in the building has figured out what they're having and I double check my headcount and names list before placing the order. Next I fax in the order, and call the place to make sure they got it. I establish a pick up time and tell my bosses I'm going to pick up lunch. I go grab lunch, and hopefully while I'm out the tables will be set up. Every order is labelled specifically so that we can dole them out to people's specific spots at the table. Being that we're a client service business, we seat people next to each other who can talk and continue to engage throughout the day. Seating and lunch are very important for social and brand building purposes. They're also very fun!

During and after lunch I'll sit at the table and talk to everyone, meeting new clients and talking to old ones. I usually sit and talk to everyone until the last person has gone back to work, then I wipe down the tables and put them back where they go. I'm also in charge of keeping drinks stocked, dishes put away, which goes on throughout the day all day. After all that's finished, I'll go and start working on projects again if I have them--if not I'll sit at the front desk and do my thang. Generally talking to people, sending out finished projects through courier pickups and drop offs, etc. Things start to wind down around 4:00 and people start to leave for the day. At that point I typically start talking with my bosses about what's going on the next day (if I'm coming in) and right before I leave I double check the fridge to see what needs restocked for tomorrow. Then I go around to the bathrooms, collect the trash, and head home for the day.

Q: I know you get to each lunch for free on the days that you work (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday). What was your favorite restaurant and menu item so far?
A: We've been to lots of different places with lots of different things. I'll break it down for you.
-Mexican: We eat at Nuevo Laredo multiple times a week. It's super yumtown and very authentic. I love their chimichangas. 
-American: JCT Kitchen has an awesome Springer Mountain Fried Chicken.
-BBQ: Pappy Reds has a twice baked pulled pork stuffed baked potato that is ridic. If you can't understand what I'm saying from that description, then you'll never understand.

Q: What do you like most about working in a real studio? Has it been everything you thought it would be?
A: Generally it's the people. Everyone so far has been really awesome and incredibly helpful. It's been even better than I thought. I really thought I was going to have to be more of an intern proving himself kind of thing, but so far everyone has been really welcoming. It's been really reassuring.

Q: What's the coolest thing we've done in Atlanta to this point?
A: That's a toughy. We've done a lot. As far as thing we've done with other people, I really enjoyed going to the lake with the people from the studio. The coolest thing we've done by ourselves was probably going to see Death Cab. Another thing I've really liked that we've done here was just fixing up the house. I found that really fun and cool, and getting all the work done was really neat. 

Q: Does being married feel different?
A: Nope. 

Q: What has been the hardest thing about moving here?
A: The job frustration. And the slow moving nature of all of that stuff. 

Q: Is there anything you don't like about living here?
A: Traffic sucks, but that's just a big city thing.       

Q: Do you have any other remarks?
A: COME VISIT US FRIENDS AND FAMILY. We have an awesome guest room that you've gotten to peek into that begs for bodies. I mean...friends. And family (*Creepy face*).

So that's it folks. Straight from the horses mouth, Thomas has spoken. I hope you enjoyed the look into something other than our house and animals! Tomorrow I'll be posting about some of the recipes up on our next to cook list, and updating you on the cat potty training situation once again:]

Here are some funny pictures from iChatting with my parents (aka my parents' dogs):
Talking to Abbi.

Singing to Lucy.

Hypnotizing Lucy.

-T, K, J, & C


  1. Hey Thomas, I loved hearing about your work routine. Keep up the good work! Good idea, K!! Proud of ya! Love, Mom.

  2. I like the picture of Lucy with her head tilted. I think of her saying "oh no you didnt"