Friday, August 19, 2011

Reception Recaps: Arriving [to chill] at the Holiday Inn

Hi Friday, nice to see you again.
Rich Chocolate Brownies Today we're going to talk about science! Sort of. Last night marked 6 days since Jack & Charlotte's first ringworm dip. Since I know lots of you are wondering (not) here are some useful facts about ringworm:
1. Ringworm isn't actually a worm, it's a fungus, like athlete's foot (also kind of gross, but not as bad as a worm).
2. Ringworm itches, but aside from that, it's not a big deal. There are no lasting effects.
3. You can tell you have ringworm because it looks like a perfect, red-rimmed circle.
4. Humans & animals alike can get ringworm.

Now that you know a little about ringworm itself, we'll move onto treatment (I feel so fancy teaching you about things). One way to cure ringworm in animals is by dipping them in a sulfur lime solution that kills fungi. Charlotte (who isn't showing actual signs of having ringworm) only needed to be treated twice as a preventative, so this was her last dip. Jack, however, may need more treatments--which we'll learn when we go to his follow-up vet visit one week from today. Cat bathing is a 2 person job for sure.

 The first step in the process is to wrangle the beasts. Charlotte was suspicious and hid under a chair.

 The solution consists of 4 oz. "liquid stink" to a gallon of warm water. This is pretty much rotten boiled egg in a bottle.

 Jack was the first specimen. He got a bath with gentle shampoo first (Thomas' job) and then I hopped in for the smelly part. Thomas poured the yellow solution on, and I rubbed it in [side note: why yes, I am wearing Thomas' 20 yr. old Tech shirt with cut off sleeves].

 He's really pitiful when we bathe him.

 Most important cat washing step: Scruff the cat if it's freaking out. I know scruffing a cat feels wrong (unless you don't like cats. Then it probably feels right, I don't know) but it keeps them calm and mostly immobile throughout the bathing process so that they can't hurt themselves or you.

Charlotte was actually really patient and let me rub the solution all the way into her fur.

After bath time, Jack always gets super excited and runs around like a maniac, rubbing himself on anything he can find to try to leave his scent. He really enjoys rubbing his wet fur on couches, our legs, and the huge leather ottoman in our living room. Charlotte grooms herself for a solid half hour, and then they all want to snuggle (in a big ol' stinky boiled egg pile). 

Now that we're done talking about ringworm, this seems like an appropriate time to show you what we think is one of the funniest animal videos of all time. No matter how many times we watch it, it's always hilarious. Supposedly the cat is in heat, but whatever.

Now, onto the topic of the reception. Yesterday I showed you the last wedding ceremony related post, so in today's pictures we finally arrive at the reception and fraternize with all our excited friends and family. Check it out! (Note: Unless otherwise mentioned, all photos below were taken by our friends at Cinderella Photography).

If you want to experience us walking in like you would have at the actual reception, click play on this video before scrolling down:
September by Earth, Wind, & Fire

We snuck in the back way and surprised our guests.

It was fun to see almost everyone we know in the same place.

Lots of hugging,


and a little crying went down.

Thomas got his point on.

Our thumbprint tree continued to grow (and grow, and grow).

And we had lots of fun talking to everyone and reveling in the fact that we were finally married.

(Friend/family photo).

My mom's group of BFFs, the Party O' 9 (of which only 6 are pictured) always love to get their party on.

We had some serious conversation with my dad (don't worry, it was just about the toast).

And shook lots of hands.

(Friend/family photo).

(Friend/family photo).

This picture makes me smile every time I see it. I love you Amanda! (Friend/family photo).

 So then we grabbed a snack (but food is a whole other post--seriously)...

And sat down at our big fancy table on risers to survey everything.

[I just thought this was super cute.]

And everyone had fun and things were about as perfect as they could get.

Next week I'll be showing you the food, cake, details, us leaving, and some other miscellany. But I promise wedding shenanigans will only go on for ONE more week, so if you're hating it, come back in a week or something...and stop being such a downer!

  Life of a kitty cat.

-T, K, J, & C


  1. Ah yes, I would be first in line after you two. I LIKE FOOD OKAY! Sweet stink bath photos as well, jack looked thrilled!

  2. Looking at the wedding pics makes me wanna get my party on again! Awesome Day! Does someone smell something like rotten eggs?