Tuesday, August 2, 2011

More Before & After's

Hey again,

Today I got around to photographing the front room. It's been done for a while, but it was full of stuff from the other parts of the house. So today, I got everything re-organized and took some after pictures. It's one of my favorite rooms since it always gets great natural light and has a nice cozy reading nook. Here's what we've done so far.

This is the view into the kitchen.

This leads into the hallway and both bedrooms.

 We actually kept this chair, but I hope to (eventually) reupholster it.

 The door on the right leads to the living room.

 I love this little room. Looking at the picture, I don't know how I feel about the placement of our wedding tree on the wall...but for now it works.

I also want to move the pictures over the lamp down now that I look from this perspective. Good thing I took these pictures!

I've shown you this before. Since we couldn't fit my dresser in the bedroom, we're using it out here instead. 

We can't forget to showcase Francis the cat! Also, the end table by the couch is an antique handed down from my great great grandmother. The books on the table are some of the vintage ones we used at our wedding reception.

I promised that I'd take pictures of the back rooms, but for now we don't have that much to put in the or show (besides the bed, which you've already seen). We're working on getting things to hang on the walls...but right now we're kiiind of on a tight budget;] Here's a preview of the desk area Thomas is working on setting up, and the curtains in the guest room.

Yes, those are rocks weighing down his speaker stands. We think it adds a nice, rustic look (I'm lying. I hate it. But he says it's necessary, so whatever).

Cats are always on the hunt for new things to climb on. Charlotte found this amp pretty convenient.
Before the tree fell, my mom and I were hemming curtains for the back bedroom. We had one left to hem, so Jack and Charlotte helped me finish up this weekend.
 Since there's no door between the guest bedroom and the back room, we decided to hang a curtain for privacy since there are uncovered windows back there. There will also be one to cover the closet in the guest room, once we get a rod long enough.

Of course, to wrap it up, I have to show pictures of my babies.

 They love napping on the new guest bed. 
I found a dead bird outside today. I'm pretty sure Charlotte killed it through the window with this look.

-T, K, J, & C


  1. Like the new background.

  2. Your house looks great! It is so fun to set up a new home... We miss you both here in Lubbock.