Friday, August 12, 2011

Goin' to the chapel (and we already got married): Getting Ready

Hey there!

Last night's Death Cab show was awesome. They played all of our favorite songs plus some new ones, and we're looking forward to eventually buying their new album. Our seats were great! There was a standing section right in front of the stage, but my mom knows how I am and bought us tickets for the first row of the seated section. There was a leg bar for our feet (mine could barely reach, but still) and it was really roomy. Plus there was no one standing or sitting directly in front of us. We were also sitting really near one of the huge LCD screens, so we got lots of nice close up action on my BFF Ben.

 The venue was a really cool/huge amphitheater surrounded by grass and trees.

This tree looked fake, but I tasted it to confirm that it was real (not a joke).
 Thomas likes to take close ups of me.

 As you can see, the scenery was really pretty. It was like a concert in the forest (a really well manicured, perfect, bug-less forest).


 We had a convenient foot rail and great view of the stage from our seats.

The opening band was called Frightened Rabbit. They're from Scotland, so I loved them.

The sillies.

Ben gets down on the piano.

He spent lots of time flinging his hair around and getting sweaty. But it sounded awesome!

In other news, Jack went to the vet today and they're pretty sure he has ringworm or some other fungal infection. I also have a spot that looks like it might be ringworm, so that sucks pretty bad. We had to buy a really smelly sulfur and lime shampoo to dip both the pets in. Have you ever washed a cat? I'm taking suggestions on how best to go about that. Vets are really expensive, and all in all it will probably cost us $100 after the follow up visit in two weeks. There goes my Six Flags budget:[

Also, Jack's photo shoot for the Red Bandanna Pet Foods contest was supposed to be tomorrow. Ringworm (and other fungal infections) are very easy to transfer, so we called and let the photographer know that it probably wouldn't be safe for the other dogs to have Jack there. SAD. We did get invited to the lake tomorrow by Thomas' work friends, which I am very much looking forward to. It should be lots of fun! Maybe it was meant to be.

 Jack getting nursed back to health in his sickbed.

Today's wedding recap post will feature the 'getting ready' photos. I'm going to break down the wedding into a series of days, so that way I can show lots of pictures without it seeming as overwhelming. I'm not going to comment on each picture today, because the pro pictures so good that they stand alone. The ones of me getting ready are mostly black and white because the lighting in the hotel room was absolutely terrible. Our poor photographers didn't have a lot to work with as far as that went, so they gave us black and white options because they look better. Here are the ones for today (Note: Unless otherwise mentioned, all photos below were taken by our friends at Cinderella Photography):

My mom is a master bow-tier.

Thomas says I make this face a lot.

The magical perfume spritz.


Hope you all have a great weekend! Ours will be busy so we'll have lots to report:]
-T, K, J, & C


  1. ahhh LOVE THOSE PICHAS! (and the mirror face pic- everyone has one.)

  2. I also love your earrrinnggsss ;]