Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Goin' to the chapel (and we already got married): Ceremony Details

Sup guys,

BIG NEWS, we have decided that this Saturday, August 20th, will be the day we go to Six Flags. I'm beyond excited. Like, it's unnatural. The reason we chose that day was because it's March of Dimes day at Six Flags, meaning that tickets are $30 instead of $40, saving us $20! Which I'm of course all about. Plus we give like $7 to babies.  We also discovered that we can take the MARTA (Atlanta's public transit system) to Six Flags for a mere $8, saving us money on parking. Woo!

In preparation for the trip, I decided that I wanted a fanny pack. I used to hate fanny packs and think they were super dorky and mom-ish. Well, that was because I was going to theme parks with my mom (who was wearing a fanny pack) and she carried all my stuff, so I could afford to be choosy. Now that I'm "a grown up", my tune has changed and off to Walmart I went to grab a FP of my very own. It's black, and pretty awesome. They call it a waist pack, but it'll always be a fanny pack to me. Bonus: It's expandable--more secret snack hiding potential!

Ohhh yeahhh. Now I'll have everything I need right around my waist!

I found this awesome shark helmet at Target. Sadly it didn't fit just right, or maybe I would've bought it.

I also wanted a hand held fan, like we always used to take to Disney World when I was a kid. We scoured Walmart and Target and couldn't find one:[ perhaps tomorrow. I've already started rigorously planning the trip, making lists of the order in which we'll ride everything and writing down times for the MARTA to leave, etc. I love planning things! Nerd.
If you see one of these beauties in GA, let me know!

Pretty much, this will be me Saturday.

Today's wedding recap post showcases the ceremony details. Thomas and I tried to DIY as many things as possible, and we really wanted our wedding to have a home-made, rustic, sweet feel. The chapel was already naturally beautiful and charming, so I wanted to decorate it minimally only using flowers and bunting that my MIL hand-made. Here are some of our favorite details (Note: Unless otherwise mentioned, all photos below were taken by our friends at Cinderella Photography).

 I loved my shoes, mostly because of the little bows on the toes.

 We made our programs ourselves using Microsoft Word.

Since the wedding was at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday, Thomas, his mom, and the groomsmen had to decorate the chapel before the ceremony (starting at 5:00 a.m.) since there was a wedding the previous Saturday night. They did an amazing job and supposedly finished in an hour-ish!

In the months leading up to the wedding, we collected blue glass jars (and regular jars/vases) from Goodwill, Savers, and misc. antique stores. We had family and friends on the lookout, and Deana supplemented my collection a lot as well.

Our unofficial wedding (and life) theme was trees. Lots of our stationary had trees or leaves, and I loved the idea of using a guest book tree where guests stamped and initialed a fingerprint "leaf" instead of signing a book.

Since our moms and grandmothers aren't huge fans of corsages (understandably), Deana made them flower rings instead. All the flowers were real, and they turned out looking adorable. The other flowers with the longer stems were for the guys boutonnieres.

I found these cute little glass boxes on Etsy, of course. They were a bargain at $10 for the set.

The details of a wedding are usually one of my favorite parts. They're also something that can easily go unnoticed unless they're photographed, and our photographers did an amazing job of capturing all the little things we worked so hard to make. 

Tomorrow we'll be wrapping up with the ceremony details and starting the reception stuff Friday. Good times! I look forward to showing you lots more photos.

 Sleeping babes.

-T, K, J, & C

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