Thursday, September 1, 2011

Things about me you never knew you wanted to know.

Sup guys?

Today I'm talking about myself. I was thinking earlier about what to post about today since I won't have recipe tutorials until early next week, and I realized that I'm kind of quirky and could easily write a post on weird things about me. Because you know you wanna know.

1. I have never had a cup of coffee in my life. I have kind of a weird thing about it actually. One of my biggest pet peeves is to hear people say things like "I'm useless in the morning without my coffee" or "Oh, sorry I screwed up and/or was rude, I haven't had my coffee yet." I just think it's ridiculous to blame mistakes or personality flaws on something like coffee (probably because I don't know the wonders of the drink myself). I mostly feel that way because I've had run ins with people in the early morning who neeeeed their coffee, and I've had to compensate for them. Don't think that I haven't ever considered drinking it--working 20 hours, going to school 15 hours, and planning a wedding would have made it justifiable--I'm just afraid of becoming a coffee zombie (no offense coffee zombies).

2. 90% of the time when I'm at home, I'm wearing Thomas' clothes. Maybe this is a regular wife thing,  I have no idea, but it's one of my biggest habits. I hate wearing regular clothes (i.e. pants) when I'm sitting around the house, so the second I get home, I throw on a baggy t-shirt and some comfy shorts (the shorts are always mine, the shirts are almost always not).

3. I feel compelled mute the TV when I read (which is a lot). Recently Thomas asked me how often I sit on the computer with the TV on mute when he's not home. I started paying attention, and I noticed that it's a lot. I'm on my computer allll the time, reading random things (Facebook), job postings, blogs, etc. And whenever I get into something that I'm reading, I will pretty much always mute whatever is on TV, even if I was watching it, regardless of who is home. Golden reading silence.

4. I'm cheap about dumb things. Unlike most girls, I rarely go shopping. I actually kind of hate shopping, because it means spending money. My dad obviously made me this way. I learned about "post purchase dissonance" (aka buyers remorse) at a young age after I bought a Shirley Temple paper doll set from Barnes & Noble. My mom told me I wouldn't use it, but of course I didn't listen. Immediately after punching out my first outfit--making the book nonreturnable--I cried and wanted to take it back. This has translated into clothing items, big purchases, and even groceries. A few months ago, I bought a box of taquitos at Walmart (marked $6) and when I was checking my receipt I noticed that I was charged $12. I sure did return those taquitos immediately. Sometimes I even punish myself unnecessarily. It would have only cost us $7 per month to have DVR through U-verse, but I knew I'd feel guilty if we added one and didn't have jobs. So here I sit, waiting patiently through commercials and adding alarms to my phone for Flipping Out.

5. I HATE styling my hair. Maybe this isn't a little known fact, because more often than not my hair goes unstyled. I have no idea why I feel this way, but I blame it on the afro I developed at age 9. If you think I'm joking, click the picture to the right. My hair was fairly unstylable for a good while there (as in, I had no idea how to style an afro and neither did anyone else), and to this day it takes longer for me to fix than I typically care to spend--we're talking at least an hour. If I have somewhere important to go, I'll fix it, but otherwise I just let it have its way. It worked out ok though, because I obviously convinced someone to marry me who just happens to like my hair unstyled. BONUS.

So now you know. I can think of lots more "pieces of crazy" but that's probably enough for today. I don't want to unload all my cool secrets at once.

In other news, our little bird found a home in the laundry room!
 The thing on the right is a bag holder from IKEA that was $2. It holds those scraggly little bags that I use to clean out the cat box, hopefully not for much longer.

On that topic, Charlotte's litter box has continued to get taller.

So far there have been no mishaps, aside from the fact that Thomas can't remember to leave the lid up. I ended up taping it open though, so no worries.

-T, K, J, & C


  1. Hahaha poor Thomas. Growing up with two sisters has made it impossible for him to leave the seat up! We trained him well. :)

  2. Funny story, Thomas used to leave the seat up allll the time when we first started dating. It took me like a year to train him to stop. Now I chastise him for leaving the lid up. Mixed signals!

  3. I'm dying to know when Charlotte makes the quantum leap !

  4. I never drank any coffee either and I hate styling my hair. But maybe that's because I'm a cat ;-)