Monday, September 19, 2011

Now we can say we've seen Styx.

Monday Funday!

This weekend we had lots of fun with doing stuff with my mom. The biggest highlight was definitely Saturday's Braves game/Styx concert combo. I never thought I'd be invited to a baseball game and Styx concert on the same night, but it just so happens that Mari and Holly are awesome and got us free tickets to sit in a box!

The weather was absolutely perfect, and we were in the shade the whole game. It was a great day to sit outside and watch some baseball!
Here was our view from the box.

Of course, we had to take a photo of the two of us. The picture itself wasn't great, but the photobomb made it pretty spectacular.

This was the view on the other side of the box--the pretty Atlanta skyline!

I have a confession to make: I'm a HUGE fan of people watching. I'm also not a huge fan of sports--which isn't a secret at all--but I still like to go to baseball games and such for the atmosphere (and the people watching). There just so happened to be a suuuuper drunk guy next to us, which made for some great entertainment. I couldn't resist taking a video (or 5) of him. Here's the best one.

After this lovely dance spectacular, the people behind him decided that he would be good at taking their picture. They were holding up a big sign that said something like "happy 60th grandpa" and I guess he looked like a good candidate for the job.

The game was pretty short--the Braves won, by the way--and after the game, this guy came out to mow the field before Styx could be wheeled out (no pun intended. They're pretty old). My dad joked that he was some random guy who snuck onto the field with his own mower, just to get some clippings.

We posed for some pictures while we waited.

After a few minutes of field prep, it was time for the show. Styx was literally wheeled out (on a stage duh) and the show began.

My favorite member, Tommy Shaw, was recently on the show Flipping Out.

The box we were in was kind of behind where the stage was positioned, so we moved down to the lower level so we could hear better. 

I actually recorded an entire song for my dad, so take a listen if you're into that sort of thing.

This character, wearing a shirt that said "Get Drunk or Die," was also fun to people-watch.

Styx played for about an hour, and the whole show was great!

We had lots of other adventures over the week that my mom was here, but I'm waiting to post about them all later in the week!

I know you've been wondering where we stand on the cat toilet training front, and I have good and bad news. We were on track slowly decreasing the amount of litter in the bowl, and we got down to just a handful of litter (that's the good). We decided to move on to the next step, which was adding a little water to the bowl, and Charlotte rebelled (that's the bad). I wish I didn't have to tell you this, but I swore I'd be honest about the whole process. Charlotte pooped in our magazine holder. So that sucks bad. Thankfully, there were magazines in the holder to catch said poop. It was a sad defeat, but we just backed up a couple of steps and put some litter back in the bowl to get her comfortable again.

The main area we're having trouble with is getting her to keep her feet on the seat while she uses the toilet, instead of down in the bowl. She was thrown of by the water in the bowl because she's used to being able to stand in the litter, which is definitely a problem. Some people say you should be in the bathroom while the cat goes and manually remove their feet from the bowl and place them on the seat while they're still going to the bathroom. Yeah, I bet you can imagine how that works out. Not super well, although I have done it a few times (DEDICATION).

So we've gone another route and will be using a piece of cardboard with a hole cut in the center to teach her slowly how to position her feet. We just so happened to have cardboard leftover from our crock pot box, so onto the toilet it went.
 We'll slowly cut away the cardboard to enlarge the circle, so ultimately she'll train herself to stand on the seat (hopefully). This process has been grueling at times, but it will save us money, time and stink in the end!

-T, K, J, & C

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