Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I am officially a crazy cat lady.

Today was a much better version of yesterday. I went to get my Georgia drivers license, which I'm pleased to report was a complete success! More on that in a minute. Then I did some miscellaneous chores, and finally went to get my car re-emissions tested because the light had gone off. Sally Mae passed! Thank goodness. Now tomorrow I complete the final step in the process--renewing my registration.

Over Labor Day, Thomas and I saw a great Scoutmob deal for 100% off coupon at a place called The Brickery. 100% off? That sounds like free to me! Well, it was just a free hamburger, but that's still a great deal. So we headed over in the rain to enjoy a fun date night out.

We started off with this basket of onion rings. They were awesome! Our waitress learned early on that I liked sauces (especially honey mustard) so she brought us their home made HM and BBQ sauce to try with these. Both were amazing.

I got an old favorite, chicken tenders, off the appetizer menu. All chicken tenders really are to me is a vessel for more HONEY MUSTARD. I'm obsessed.

This was the star of the show (and also the free part), the Caesar Burger. A burger covered in Caesar dressing and shredded sharp cheddar sounded kind of weird, but it was unbelievably savory and tasty. 

We've decided this place is a must visit during my mom's trip here next week. I'm super excited! We have another Scoutmob on Thomas' phone, so looks like another free burger for us:] After everything was said and done, the meal only cost around $15 with tip. 

As I mentioned earlier, I went to get my new license today. I got my last one in Texas in a rush right after the wedding because I wanted it to have my updated name before we moved here, and the picture was so bad. I've felt good about previous DL photos, but this one made me look 50 pounds heavier than I am. Which is a lot. The state of Texas requires the pictures to be a certain size, and I guess I stood too far away from the camera, so they just stretched and distorted it, resulting in something like this:

Ok, so it wasn't that bad, but it was embarrassingly close.

After that drama, I had big goals of taking a great picture today. I even tried out a new hairstyle I saw on my new favorite YouTube channel The Lipstick Diaries. I love the girl who runs this channel because she has a cool accent, she's super cute, and we have the same texture and length of hair. This is important because my hair texture (curly, frizzy, slightly coarse) is pretty rare. Most of the tutorials I come across are of girls with short, fine, or straight they don't work for me. I watched this video of her curling her hair without heat, and I knew I had to try it for my DL photo!

This method is said to work for people of all hair types. Here was my attempt.

This is the before. I let my hair air dry and used some Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Hair Serum for muh frizz.

Here is the during, just after I wrapped my hair up before bed.

And here is the back. It obviously doesn't have to be perfect. I've got some scragglers going on.

And here is the after, on the way to the DL place. I was making a dumb face, so I covered it with...a dumb face.

Surprisingly I only waited for a few minutes at the DPS before having my number called. I'm pretty pleased with my picture--it could be better, but could be way worse (see above). Here it is on my temporary license.

Don't worry mom, I blurred out all the good stuff (plus my weight DUH).

Another bright spot today was receiving Charlotte's new training bowl in the mail. Why yes I did order a metal bowl off Amazon specifically for my cat to use the toilet in! I never thought I'd be to this point either (who am I kidding, yes I did), but we are well on our way to toilet trained! We're so happy to finally have the litter box and its accompanying boxes out of our bathroom.

I don't think I mentioned before that we had officially moved Charlotte's litter box on top of the toilet as part of the process. Since we had a covered box, the sides were pretty deep. We didn't feel like it was a good idea to force her to jump into the box from the floor, so we left the stacked boxes next to it as sort of a trail of steps:

We left the box that way for around 3 days while waiting for the bowl to get here. For this part of the process, you lift the lid of the toilet and measure the inside rim at its widest point. Then you get a bowl of that diameter (ours was 11.5 inches). [Yes, I could've bought said bowl at a regular store, but I found it on Amazon for $11 and I get free shipping because of my Amazon Prime student membership].

So today we I got the bowl and put it into the toilet,

 And filled it with a few inches of litter.

From here on out, we'll be gradually reducing the amount of litter in the bowl until it's a token couple of teaspoons. I'll keep you all updated on the next steps too.

Charlotte has already eagerly explored her new bowl, but hasn't used it just yet. (Be warned, this is a 54 second video of Charlotte walking around on the toilet. I just filmed her butt instead of getting closer to avoid scaring her. Never scare a cat on a toilet!)

Charlotte really is a smart cat. I've been teaching her to sit on command over this last week, and there will be a video soon!

Not to be outdone, Jack was looking adorable today and begged to have his picture taken.

And Thomas and I woke up from a nap today to this record cuteness.
They were literally wrapped in each others arms! I mean, there are siblings out there who don't like each other this much. Probably quite a few actually.

Ok, I'll stop raving about my pets now. Enjoy your day people!

-T, K, J, & C


  1. Grandma Mahan is here visiting and so she just read your blog for the 1st time. She LOVED it!

  2. Awesome!!!!! i'M A CRAZY CAT LADY TOO!

  3. What? You have to put your weight on the DL? Poo City. We don't do that here in Texas, too many of us are fatties.


  4. Yes! I thought that was kind of odd too--fortunately they don't weigh you at the DPS or anything, it's just a guestimate. But it was kind of embarrassing...