Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Being a Grownup is Hard

Like, really hard.

Today was one of those days that makes you want to go home and cry to your mom while binging on donuts. In my case, I did the next best thing--called my mom to vent and made a big bowl o' queso.

The day started out rough when I got a call that there was some shenanigans with our water bill, and it was due today, so I had to pay a visit to the water police. Long story short, 3 hours of my day were spent sitting in some government office waiting for my number to be called (number 53, if you're wondering). That all worked out, and I decided to continue to be productive by getting my car emissions tested so I could renew my already late registration. WRONG CHOICE.

In Georgia, they care about the environment. It's a pretty environment--as opposed to that of West Texas, no offense guys but you know I'm right--so I'm ok with it. Unfortunately that means your car not only has to pass the regular inspection, it also has to be emissions tested to make sure it's not blowing a hole in the ozone or something (I don't actually know much about emissions, clearly).

So I took my car to the good ol' Jiffy Lube to begin the process of becoming a real Georgian. Sally Mae (yeah, I just named my car that) proceeded to fail the emissions test because her check engine light was on. So sad. It seemed like a simple enough fix, so I headed over to a recommended mechanic to get it checked out. WRONG.

3 hours, $150, and a BMW ride later, I finally got home to continue ranting about how life is hard. As an aside, if you are still a kid, revel in it. Because seriously, things get real and then you wonder what you've done deciding to grow up and get married and be financially independent. Let me also point out that my car MAY require $200 worth of additional repairs. Thank goodness for a mechanically inclined husband (and his really knowledgeable dad)!

I have to say though, without my mom, my head probably would have exploded today. Aside from the 3 "Ihaaaatelife" cleansing phone calls I made to her this afternoon, I came home to a card in the mail with a picture of the pugs, an Ulta giftcard, and a coupon. I mean, does it get better? I think not. So, shout out to moms for doing what they do. Especially mine.

These things and the Flipping Out season finale are keeping me sane right now.

Sorry I complained guys (but I'm really not sorry, because sometimes you've just gotta complain). Tomorrow will be better--I get to continue working on car stuff AND get a new drivers license!

-T, K, J, & C

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