Monday, September 26, 2011

Somebody's got a case of the Mondays...

Or maybe he's just sad because it's still hot-ish.

I hope you all had a great weekend! Thomas and I had lots of 'last weekend before my real job starts' fun. On Friday we hit up Piedmont Park with Jack so he could play with some dog friends. The weather was beautiful and I collected lots of cute mini-leaves in pretty Fall colors!

Afterwards we stopped by Walmart, where we saw these ridiculous Sesame Street sweatshirts. I just HAD to show you. Because they're not for kids. They're for grown men.

Then on Saturday, we headed up to Norcross so I could show Thomas all the great shopping. Not that he cares about shopping, but it was fun anyway. We ate a quick/cheap lunch at Jason's Deli, and then we basically walked around looking at expensive stuff that we kind of wanted but could never buy, for example, this chicken.
I actually took this picture because it reminded me of the chicken post by The Bloggess--not because I wanted to buy the metal chicken. Her blog is hilarious (although always sarcastic and usually inappropriate. Don't say I didn't warn you) and I literally lol almost every time I read it. Mostly at the chicken post though.

Thomas' favorite place we 'shopped' was Williams-Sonoma. Of course, it is WAY above our price range. Also, we have more kitchen stuff than probably any other newlywed couple in the history of ever. We laugh because looking back at our registry, we mostly registered for exclusively kitchen stuff. We didn't really consider anything for any other room besides bathroom towels/rugs and some new sheets, and at the end we got basically 85% kitchen related items. This is obviously awesome because now we have a tricked out kitchen (and we do spend lots of time there). Someday we'll be living in a house with enough storage for all our kitchen equipment, and I know our current tiny kitchen will make us appreciate it that much more.

Thomas has kind of a thing about knives. Like, no matter how many knives he has it will NEVER be enough. Pocket knives, kitchen knives, knives for cutting different things. But hey...we all have our thing (I think it's pretty clear by this point that mine is nail polish). Personally, I'm always tempted by kitschy little things, like this cute strawberry huller.
I think it's mostly because all things strawberry related (storage containers and the like) are made to look like cute little strawberries. This is obviously a good marketing tactic, because I'm always tempted. I do resist though, because I know from experience that things like strawberry hullers are rarely/never used and just clutter up the utensil drawer. It was also $8. Oh, practicality.

We spent the afternoon at Norcross perusing the stores, walking in and out of places we rarely go but would love to shop. We pretended we belonged in JCrew (wish), but it was pretty clear that we didn't because all their sweaters are $98. We also went into Homegoods for the first time. It's part of the Marshalls/TJMaxx family, but instead of clothes, it's entirely stocked with stuff for your house--decor, kitchen stuff, bedding, etc. We were already tired by this point in the day, but I'm sure we'll be back sometime when the need arises. Also, we came home to this:

On Sunday, we woke up late, drank some coffee (yes, I'm officially kind of a coffee drinker now) and watched some Weeds. We're getting super into Weeds now that we're done/caught up with LOST, Dexter, Nip/Tuck, and True Blood. It's always fun to have a show to look forward to, and we're liking the easy to watch but very interesting nature of Weeds so far. 

It was a nice surprise when Mari and Holly called us to have brunch yesterday morning. We tried out a great little restaurant that we hadn't been to yet, Home Grown. The atmosphere was kind of young/hipster, and the food was really tasty, but for me the biggest and best surprise was that the prices were really reasonable. Like, $6-$9 for an entree. I know this might sound high to some of you, but for brunch in the ATL, that's super cheap. 

I broke one of my own rules and had breakfast after 10. For some reason my body clock won't usually let me eat anything but lunch around then, but yesterday I was feeling some breakfast food. It was a great choice! I had the basic breakfast with scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, and cheese grits. As a fairly new grit-eater, I was all about these cheesy delights.

Thomas settled on lunch and got one of his favorite meals, the fried baloney sandwich with a fried egg on top and a side of collard greens. He gave rave reviews, but did say he wished there was a little more baloney.

We also tried one of Holly's chili cheese slaw dogs, and it was absolutely amazing. We'll definitely be back for those. 

After lunch, Mari and Holly took us out for ice cream! Obviously we had a great Sunday. There was a Scoutmob for a cool local place called Morelli's. They're famous for their salted caramel ice cream, which has become a really popular dessert flavor. Thomas got the salted caramel, and I stuck with my old favorite, coffee (I've gotten coffee ice cream since loooong before I drank coffee. Because I'm weird like that). Both flavors were great, but the salted caramel was ridiculously full of flavor. The caramel was suuuper buttery and the salt topped it off really nicely. It was really really rich, so we were glad we just got a kids scoop.

Overall we had a great weekend, and I'm really looking forward to starting work this week! I'm equally excited about the beginning of Fall weather, which I know is coming soon.

-T, K, J, & C

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