Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Recapping Mom Week: The Food

Hi thar,

As I mentioned yesterday, we did lots of eating over the last week while my mom was here. Apparently I forgot to take pictures at some of the restaurants, but here's what I did photograph.

We made these chocolate chip cookies on my mom's second night here. They were delish!

After the Zoo on Friday, we ate at The Varsity. They really do say "what'll ya have!" really fast.

My mom and I shared the slaw dog combo and some onion rings. So tasty! Thomas had a chili cheese slaw dog, and he gave a great report on its deliciousness.

On Monday we had lunch at The Brickery. Thomas and I had dinner there with a Scoutmob a few weeks back, and it was just as tasty this time.  My mom and I shared a Caesar Burger (because they're ridiculously huge) and Thomas got his own. Because he's a boy.

Then, yesterday, my mom and I tried out the West Egg Cafe before she headed home. This is a turkey bacon gouda sandwich. How could that be bad?!

She got a fried green tomato sandwich. Yum! We'll definitely go back there.

We also dined at Nuevo Laredo on Saturday before the game with Mari and Holly. It's one of Atlanta's famously delicious Mexican restaurants, but I failed as a blogger and didn't get any pictures:[

On another note, today I was officially offered the job! I'll be signing paperwork soon, and after that I'll be able to talk in detail about it on da blog. For now, I can tell you that I'll be working as a client service specialist at a small IT company. I'm super excited and I think it will be a great fit for me. As always, I'll keep you updated.

Also, for those of you wondering (probably no one) my hand is ok after yesterday's tragic fan incident. It's still a little bruised and lumpy, but I can still type and text with it so it's obviously fine!

Here's a picture of cowboy Jack from last Halloween. I entered it in a costume contest yesterday, and I couldn't help but share the cuteness again!

-T, K, J, & C


  1. Aren't you glad I made you take some pics of us at the eateries? Ha!