Friday, December 30, 2011

Awkward Family Photos: Christmas Edition

Happy Friday all!

Today is the final installment of Christmas posts before the new year begins. While my parents were here, I got good use out of my tripod for the first time. There were some definite shenanigans surrounding the use of an auto-timer, but in the end we figured it out. Here are some of the best--and most awkward--results.

This photo session occurred on Christmas night after the gift opening ceremonies. Thomas and I put on our matching Zipcar shirts (a gift from a friend) and posed for the camera.

Then, we decided to get the rest of the family in on the action. Apparently something entertaining was going on in the kitchen, because Jack and Charlotte were pretty distracted.

Finally, a good picture! Merry Christmas all:]

Although this isn't an awkward family photo, what's cuter than a pug in a Christmas hat? Not a thing in the world my friends.

Enjoy your New Year--be safe everyone!


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