Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Crazy

Last week was busy and crazy and Christmasy. It started off Thursday with the work Christmas party, then continued on Friday with Dirty Santa (also known as a Yankee Swap, White Elephant, and crazyville).

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the party.
The lady and mister Clause. 

Here we are breaking all the gender-roll rules. 

A match made in crazy heaven. 

View above Buckhead. 

Huck & I snugging. 

On Friday, I brought this charming gift for Dirty Santa:
I found these 4 International beauties at the Buckhead Goodwill for $0.99 a piece...and they were quite the hit at the exchange!

I also wore this exciting sweater, and matching (sort of) snowman sock-booties. The sweater has more of a Native American feel than a Christmas one, but it was purchased (also at Goodwill) for $4 on short notice.
Please disregard my otherwise disheveled appearance. I took this picture on Sunday night, because none were taken the day of.

After the busiest week ever, we didn't have the stamina to cook--and ended up eating out 3 TIMES. That's a lot for us, but hey. We also had 3 meals worth of leftovers as we've been reducing our portions. Here's where we ate (judge on, all of you).

Friday Night: Bambinelli's, which we found via Scoutmob, is one of our favorite places in Atlanta so far. It has a really homey Italian atmosphere, it's not a chain, and the owner, Bonnie, is the sweetest ever. Thomas and I ate there a few months ago, and she actually remembered us when we came back this weekend. The food is great and reasonably priced--suffice to say that if you're ever in Northlake Mall area, you should go. We used another Scoutmob, and got all of the food below, plus a salad & unlimited bread, for around $17.

I had the manicotti with alfredo sauce. It was amazing and reheated well.

 Thomas had chicken piccata, which he loved.

On Saturday, I had a girls day with Addy--we got our hair done and nails done and did girl stuff. Thank goodness for the Christmas bonus ;] 

I had my fingers and toes done in a color I've been wanting--but haven't been able to find--Royal Rajah Ruby by OPI. 
(Disclaimer: these are not my nails. Source)

Saturday Night: Thomas and I went to dinner with friends at Uncle Julio's. It was a bit pricey, but overall tasty. The service was good, and the salsa had roasted peppers and was amazing. 
I had the chicken flauta plate (aka taquitos, for those who aren't well versed in spanish). 

Thomas' had the tampiqueña plate.  

Sunday afternoon: We headed out to brunch with Mari and Holly at Thumbs-up Cafe. The food was tasty and the atmosphere was fun. We're brunch lovers, so pretty much anything is great.
I had the smoked chicken salad sandwich with tomato and swiss on rye. I always forget that I'm not a fan of rye--until I'm eating it--but the sandwich itself was good. They also make their own honey mustard, which I obviously love. 

Thomas leaned more toward the breakfast-y side of brunch and got pancakes, cheese grits, an egg, and a link of chicken sausage. 

The rest of the weekend was spent "resting," and preparing for our families visit(s). My parents will be here Friday, and I couldn't be more excited! I hope this week is slower at work but goes by fast, and that I have time to finish up cleaning/the dreaded Walmart shopping. I am proud to say that we bought our last Christmas gifts this weekend, and--shout out to Thomas--that lots of cleaning was done while I was away at girls day! If things work out as planned, I'll have more time to blog this week. Hopefully.

I hope that all of your holiday planning is going well and that your hair isn't falling out from the stress:D


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