Friday, December 2, 2011

A Little Bit Famous 2: Our Movie Premiers

You know those times when you're watching TV late at night and a movie preview comes on and you're like "that guy looks familiar" and your husband is like "THAT IS OUR MOVIE." No? Well, I know those times, because that happened to us last night. 

If you recall, we were extras in a movie a few months back--before we had jobs or anything--and I blogged about it here. At the time, I couldn't mention the name of the movie (not that I actually knew it) but what we did know is that it was a made for TV movie premering in 'a few months.' 

Well folks, meet Game of Your Life, premiering tonight on NBC at 8/7 central. Nothing like being last minute, huh? Follow this link to see the trailer. 

Assuming that you have a DVR (we don't), you should defintely record this one since it's probably not going to be a stand out moment where we're in front of the camera--it may require a few rewinds. I can assure you, though, we're there. 

Tomorrow I'll do a post on exactly where that there is, but for now I know just as much as you do.


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