Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Little Bit Famous 3: Scene List UPDATED

Yo guys!

As promised, today I return with proof that we were in a movie. (Warning: his post will be entirely comprised of pictures of a TV screen, but hey). I also noticed as I was uploading these pictures that the only ones I took were of Thomas, but I swear--I really was in the movie too! In fact, there was a shot of me walking directly in front of the camera for like 4 seconds

Kinect party scene: Thomas (green shirt) fist pumping joyfully in the background.

Kinect party scene, Thomas (green shirt) casually walks in the background.

Kinect party scene, Thomas (green shirt) drinks water in the background.

Computer lab scene, Thomas laughs and hangs out with some cool cats.

Real life scene, Jack thinks this film sucks.

To be quite honest, we couldn't even stand to watch the entire movie--we just fast forwarded and watched scenes we thought we might be in slow-motion style. Overacted teeny-bopper movies just aren't something we're into, but we are glad we could show up in a film at least once in our lives.

Here's a full list of the scenes we're in, in case you want to fast-forward through the film on your DVR:

Kinect Party:
1. Thomas background arm pumping
2. Thomas background walking
3. Thomas sipping water
4. I stand awkwardly (and looking at the camera) near some dancing girls; I mess with my hair

1. I walk through the library right in front of the camera in what we'll call "the suggestion box" scene
2. Thomas stands at the back of a group gathered around a computer. Close up on his face.

I have to say, being famous is quite the experience--we will sign autographs for $5 a piece + shipping for anyone who asks.  HAPPY SATURDAY:]

Here's video proof (courtesy of my parents) that I was in the movie! I'm wearing a pink shirt and walking behind the main actors:


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  1. Congrats on your movie debut! We liked it, but we are of the "corny movie generation"!
    mom & dad