Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hidden City Premier (Thomas helped!)

Hey again!

I know you guys are going to get tired of hearing about us being on TV, but...TOO BAD!

Tonight we'll be attending a party in celebration of the premier of Hidden City, a show Thomas has been working on for the last few months. He isn't actually in the show, but he has assisted the main engineers who worked on the show with the audio--which I think definitely counts.

According to the Travel Chanel website: "In Hidden City host Marcus Sakey travels to cities across the US to investigate the crimes and criminals that helped shape the city." Since we're huge jail/crime show buffs, we're super excited to watch. Click here to watch a teaser video. Think murder mystery meets No Reservations. According to Thomas, "if you replaced all the food in No Reservations with murder, sex, intrigue, and drugs, you'd have this show." Sounds pretty dandy to me.

Hidden City premiers on Travel Chanel starting tonight at 10/9 Central, so set your DVRs (again). 


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  1. Hidden City was a cool show. Great to see some of Thomas work. Congrats!