Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Christmas Card Saga: A Sad Tale

Since this year was our first married Christmas, I decided early on that I wanted to send Christmas cards. I originally planned on sending out a silly card, but was too tempted by Shutterfly's 50% off sale. So, I hounded Thomas about sitting down with me to pick one out.

We're pretty picky about Christmas cards and the like, so it was tough to find a template that we liked. When we finally did, we built out our card and put it in the shopping card. It wasn't until then that I remembered a site I'd used before, Peartree Greetings. So, I headed over to PTG, where I found a much, much better selection of Christmas cards. The cards from Peartree are so much more our style, but they're also more expensive. Nonetheless, I chose an amazing card and spent an hour or two perfecting it. I put it in my cart, and went to apply a $10 off coupon code I found online. 

Unfortunately, that code didn't work. The only code available was for free shipping ($8 off) and I just knew I could do better. (This is the part where always feeling like you could probably save MORE money bites you in the rump). So, I decided to hold off because I was sure that the cards would go on sale for Thanksgiving.

Alas, Thanksgiving rolled around, and there were no sales. A week or so after, a coupon code cropped up! I think it was something like $10 off, which was great. Yet again, my hopes were dashed when I noticed that you could only get $10 off if you had $50 or more in your cart--my total hovered somewhere around $36 without shipping, $42 with.

So, I backed out again. "Surely something will come up before Christmas," I thought. After a couple of weeks, I gave up hope. Then, last week, I saw on PTG's Facebook that there was a free shipping deal for last minute orders! The coupon that sounded so 'meh' just a short month ago suddenly sounded like the best deal around. So, I rushed back to my shopping cart--where they save orders for 30 days--and entered the coupon code. As a final stab to my little Grinchy heart, I received a message that my order didn't qualify for the free shipping deal because it only applied to orders of $75 and above. 

While I know this story has probably depressed you beyond belief, I was able to throw together a little something for our first Christmas card. This way, the card was completely free and I didn't have to pay for postage;]

Merry Christmas!
-T, K, J, & C

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  1. Now THAT'S some Christmas cheer right there! See you soon!