Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas House: Part 2

Haaaay everyone!

Last weekend we put up my favorite part of our Christmas decor: the garland! Thomas' parents have garland ALL over their house, and ever since I saw theirs, I've aspired to achieve that same level of magical wonderland-ness. Obviously this isn't going to happen for quite a few years (because apparently it takes a while to collect all those special Christmas things) but I think we're well on our way.

Last year, we found these cute stockings at World Market. There were four, but we only bought three (not realizing that Charlotte would be added to our family before the next Christmas). Sadly I can't find the fourth anymore, although I know it looks the same but is pink. Don't worry--we will be adding a C to the J stocking, so Charlotte & Jack can share.

We found this cute little bird and these mini trees half off at Hobby Lobby. The bird has some cute little christmas carvings in his side. BONUS.

Christmas kitten!

Finally, my mom surprised me with this amazingly adorable snowman painting in the mail this week. Her sweet neighbor, Amy, is an extremely talented artist who paints snowmen like this little guy (among other things). His new home is the buffet in our front room. What a cutie!

Happy almost Friday!


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  1. Your wonderland-ness is well on its way! I want some of that too!
    Happy Friday!