Monday, October 10, 2011

Felt Rose DIY: Part 2

Hello again! 

Monday is back, that tricky beast. Fortunately I have another fun felt rose DIY to post about, and I'm drinking a tasty cup of cinnamon coffee! Not a bad start to the week I'd say.

Once we finished the big wreath from yesterday's post, we discovered that we had lots of yellow felt left over. The felt we used for the first wreath was actually a dandelion color (not a true yellow), and we ended up deciding against mixing in some bright yellow that we'd also gotten at Michael's. Here's what we chose to do with it instead...
Thomas had the idea of filling a little turquoise bowl with yellow roses. Super cute right?! I've been looking for a way to display that bowl, and I think this is pretty perfect. 

Remember the orange wreath in this picture from yesterday? Probably not, so here it is again in the bottom left.

I decided to re-purpose that wreath from my childhood by painting it brown and adding a spray of flowers.
Pretty much, these roses are our new favorite thing. The total for both of the above projects was less than $6--around $1 for the felt and $5 for the brown spray paint. Felt flowers are easy to make and can be made in all different sizes. I'm contemplating making a headband, but I have a tiny one that I'm for sure making into a ring. I'll post pictures once I finish!

Finally, I made these little owls (Jack and Charlotte are the babies...don't worry, we didn't have secret twins or anything) out of paint samples we found while wandering around Lowe's.

I originally wanted to make some felt owls for the small wreath, but saw the [free] paint samples aisle and decided to use those instead. I like the wreath as is, but I'm considering framing these cuties anyway.

I hope you all have a great Monday! Happy crafting:]


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