Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pumpkins out the wazoo.

I have now officially worked my first 40 hour week! Overall I really enjoyed myself, and I definitely feel like I'm getting into a routine. Everyone I work with is really fun and nice, and it's been really nice to finally start making some new friends. 

As you all know, I've been really looking forward to decorating for Fall for a few weeks now. I'm sure you can imagine my disappointment when I opened the box labelled "Fall" and found only a couple of things:

This light up pumpkin...

And this squishy one with a huge schnoz, buck teeth, and his tongue sticking out.

Thomas wasn't super impressed with either (particularly the squishy pumpkin, but I've had him for literally my entire life), and we both agreed that it would be nice if we could add to our Fall decor selection. Because right now, it's kind of pitiful.

I have to admit, I find decorating for holidays overwhelming. I look at tons of magazines--and now Pinterest--pages upon pages of gorgeous homes all decked out for whatever season, and at first I'm really excited. Then I remember that we're pretty poor budget conscious, and it's a little intimidating to imagine decorating every room of the house.

Instead of setting huge and expensive goals to begin with, we decided to start out small. So this morning, we set out into the world of craft stores to gather the supplies for a few DIY projects. Don't get too excited...there aren't any featured in this post, but there is one in the works.

To start off our "Fall decor palooza," first we headed to Hobby Lobby. They had some great sales going on, but I'm sad to report that our trip was a complete bust. We didn't find a single thing we wanted/needed there! Pretty unbelievable. So we moved on to Michael's.

While at Michael's, we found two scarecrows that were only $4 each. Thomas apparently doesn't like scarecrows, but I DO, so we bought 'em. And I proceeded to pretend that they were children for the rest of the trip.
First they rode in the kids' part of the basket...

And then they sat in Jack's car seat. Because I believe in protecting scarecrows. Safety first!

After what seemed like a long morning of shopping on an empty stomach, we asked Scoutmob where we should eat (for 50% off). It told us Alvarado's Taqueria! We've been there before, and I have to say that our food was even better this time.

I had a chimichanga. It was covered in sour cream and guac, and I was in love.

Thomas got the adobado plate, which he says was amazing.

After lunch, we made our weekly trip to Walmart. Oh joy! We've decided that we'll be grocery shopping on Friday night from now on, because there's something about Walmart that makes us feel like we're wasting our Saturday. We grabbed lots of pumpkins and gourds while we were there, and even got some Fall flowers. Then it was home to decorate.

 Here's our cute little gourd centerpiece.

And here's our front steps! Please disregard the lack of real flower's a long/sad story:[

Our little scarecrow couple. They're even holding hands!

 My favorites, the striped pumpkins.

We also got the supplies for a DIY wreath, which I'll be posting about within the next couple of days (assuming everything works out well). 

For now I'll leave you with a video of Charlotte getting into the Halloween spirit:

Have a great weekend everyone!

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