Tuesday, October 4, 2011

You can just call me Garlic.

Sup guys?

I've been SO enjoying the cool weather! It's much harder to get out of bed when it's chilly (especially because we have a down comforter. Ahhh), but I don't even care!

Big news: I took a step towards the 'new me' yesterday by wearing high heels to work. All day. That's absolutely not something I'd normally do, but it turned out well. I didn't even fall, trip, or anything! I mentioned my new Ann Marino Lottery Suede Pumps a couple of weeks back. Well, I resisted my typical urge to 'save them for something special' and busted them out on a random Monday. Because that's what the new me would do. I figure there's no better time to re-create my image than right now. Am I right or am I right?
Lets pretend that Thomas didn't accidentally cut my head off.

My second week at work is going well so far, and things are pretty exciting. There's lots to learn, and I'm feeling fairly challenged...but in a good way. There are quite a few other new people around, so it's nice that I'm not the only one. Yesterday all the "new kids" were taken out to lunch! We dined at a nearby pizza place called Fellini's. Thomas has been there before for work, and he suggested the white pizza. 
He failed to mention that the white pizza is topped with around a clove of raw minced garlic. It was really tasty, but I'll probably be known as "That Garlic Beast" til the end of time.
I finished up the day by drinking out of cups (if you don't know what I'm referring to, look up Drinking Out of Cups on YouTube. Be warned, it is fairly inappropriate and NSFW).

I hope you're all enjoying this brisk Fall day! 


  1. I love the heels. Also, I feel like the new you smells like garlic and embraces it. Why bow down to the rigid social standards that say that people shouldn't smell like food? People like garlic. People at the office were probably remarking, "Something about that new girl reminds me of a nice Italian restaurant or my mom's kitchen. I like her."