Monday, October 17, 2011

Mexican Madness

 The last week can pretty much be summed up by the fact that I ate Mexican food 4 times. This is not a complaint--because I love Mexican food--on the contrary, I'm actually bragging.

Wednesday I ate at my favorite Mexican place here in Atlanta, Taqueria Del Sol (AKA TDS).
I always get two tacos, one of which MUST always be the fried chicken taco. This time I also tried their weekly special, which was a sesame chicken taco. Yum.

Then, Thursday, I was invited out by coworkers spur of the moment and since I'm still getting used to everyone, I jumped at the chance to go on an outing (I almost always take my lunch to work). We went to a nearby restaurant called La Fonda. It was pretty good, but I would say it was way too expensive for the type/amount of food. Lesson learned on that one.
This is a cheese quesadilla (the cheapest thing I could find on the menu) with black beans and rice. The black beans were definitely a highlight.
Finally, Saturday, we met up with our honeymoon friends Josh and Kristen at a super tasty place called Zapata. The food was kind of pricey, but Thomas and I shared a big entree so it wasn't too bad. It was great to see Josh and Kristen, and we all agreed that we want to go back to Jamaica ASAP.
We shared the Don Miguel, which was skirt steak over chilaquiles (fried tortilla triangles covered in cheese and sour cream). AMAZING. It was right up my proverbial alley.

Here we are with Josh and Kristen!

Rewinding to Friday (sorry I'm all out of order), we paid our second visit to Six Flags! Thomas picked me up from work, and we braved 6:00 pm Atlanta traffic to head straight there. We had an amazing time, but sadly we only got one picture because Thomas' phone was being weird.
Thumbs uppin' 4lyfe.

We went to Six Flags this time because Mari and Holly were able to get us tickets. It was a special "Fright Night" event, which basically meant that the park was decorated for Halloween spooky music played everywhere. Being the ever paranoid person I am, I flinched any time someone walked by me and definitely kept an eye out for creeps. Nothing scary happened though, so we're all good.

We did get one other picture (since our tickets included a meal and a photo) taken on the ride Goliath, which is one of our favorites. I have to say, the picture is probably one of the best photos of all time, but we feel like it's too good to show and we're planning to save it for our Christmas card. So you'll just have to wait!

Sunday, Thomas got his first hair cut in 4 months! Ulta had a deal going that was $10 for a haircut, with all proceeds going to breast cancer research. Of course, we couldn't pass up that deal, so we ventured out to the nearest Ulta bright and early. Ok, so it was 11:00 am, whatever. There was a bit of a line, so we perused Ulta for an hour and a half or so in the meantime. It was a big change--definitely much needed.

This was taken Saturday night, before the haircut.

And this was Sunday night, after.

Thomas always insists he wants to go to a 'man barber,' but I frequently remind him that he has hair many women would kill for--most barbers probably wouldn't even know what to do with it. We're super happy with the new haircut, especially for $10!

Finally, let's wrap up with some pictures of the babies. I know you've been missing it!
Jack sleeping like a human. 

 I found this on Thomas' phone. Even though it's not great quality, it's still super cute:]

This is what happens when I tell Jack to "look pretty." 

I put 2 grains of rice on Jack's head one night after dinner. He left them for an hour.

Enjoy your week everyone!
-T, K, J & C


  1. Lord if I knew that you had already eaten Mexican 3 time that week we definitely could have picked a different place to eat!! We had a great time and it was soo good seeing you guys!!! :)


  2. No worries girl! We really do love Mexican. We had a great time too and we hope you'll visit again sometime soon!