Sunday, October 9, 2011

Felt Rose DIY: Part 1

Hey guys!

Today Thomas and I have done LOTS of crafts and completed what we feel like are some of our most successful DIY projects yet. Before I start, I have to tell you that I didn't come up with this craft on my own. I saw a tutorial for the wreath on Pinterest, and read more about it on the blog Little Things Bring Smiles. Katie did an excellent tutorial on making felt flowers, which can be found here. Now, lets begin.

Here's what you'll need for the wreath: (Note: If you decide to trace circles for your flowers, use a lighter colored pen. Otherwise you'll end up with dirty looking roses).

And here is how you actually make the flowers/wreath:

Here's what Charlotte did the whole time we worked. Wrestled Thomas' shoes.

Lets just say that this whole process was pretty messy. It's really, really important that you put a trash bag under your wreath while you glue the flowers on--otherwise, glue will probably get everywhere. Regardless of any precautionary steps you take, felt will definitely get everywhere:]
After you finish, walk around with your wreath looking for the perfect hanging spot.

Even though the wreath looked unbelievably cute on our pets, we decided to hang ours on the front door, which is protected by storm glass. The felt can't get wet so be sure to bring yours in if it gets rainy.

I'm SUPER happy with the contrast between the orange roses and the dark blue of our door. It's one of my favorite color combinations!

We also got some real flower pots, so our Fall porch is now finished!
We love how everything turned out, especially given that we got all the felt and the wreath itself for less than $10! Tomorrow I'll be posting about a couple of other felt-rose crafts that are in the works, so I hope you'll be back then:]



  1. That wreath is really, really cool. It indeed looks very cool with the blue door. A few questions:
    (1) Was that door blue when you arrived or did you paint it? (I'm sorry if this information is somewhere on an older post.)
    (2) Do people have to step over those scarecrows when they approach your house?
    (3) Have they helped with your porch's crow problem?

  2. Hay girl! I'm glad you like the wreath! 1)Conveniently enough, our door was already that color. Works out pretty well since it's one of my favorites.
    2)Yes, people do have to step over the scarecrows when they enter the house, but no one really enters the house (since we don't know many people here) and if they do, they come in the back.
    3)Our crow problem has been significantly impacted by the placement of these baby scarecrows.
    4) [The question that you didn't ask] I moved the scarecrows in last night because it looked rainy and I don't think they could weather a storm. So now they live inside part time.

  3. No worries, because the rain keeps the crows off the porch anyway - it would really be excessive to have both.

  4. Great looking wreath! Love that look--especially on the blue door! You inspire...! Charlotte, what were you thinking?! Them's stinky shoes!

  5. Thanks! We're glad you like it. Charlotte definitely has a thing for all shoes. It's cute when it's a pair of my heels, but it's gross when it's Thomas TOMS:]