Monday, October 31, 2011

Humpkin Fest 2011

Happy Halloween everyone!

We had an exciting weekend in preparation for today's festivities. It started on Friday with a pumpkin carving contest at work. My teammate Greg and I placed first with our pumpkin (which will be referred to as a Humpkin from here on out). 

 My desk during the carving. I never envisioned that I'd be taking a hot glue gun to work, but I'm cool with it.

The process of carving a Humpkin is a secretive one. Greg built this fort to keep our plan safe.

 Here's what went in to our Humpkin: A brown washcloth wrapped around a small plate for meat, tissue paper and green scrapbooking flowers for lettuce, yellow post-its for cheese, and coasters wrapped in tissue paper with a picture of a tomato glued on for tomatoes.

The fun continued Sunday when Thomas and I carved some pumpkins of our own...
I started by putting on my glow glasses.

I have to admit, I've never fully carved my own pumpkin before. My dad always helped me, but it's kind of tough to slice into a pumpkin in Atlanta when you're in Texas. So, I was going it alone (with Thomas). Let me also just say that those little saws in the pumpkin carving kits are really helpful. And we didn't have any.

Things started out with some hacking, and soon we'd moved on to cannibalism (pumpkinabilism?)
Check out the fierce concentration going on in the background.

My pumpkin idea came from my favorite blog, Young House Love. I started by photoshopping and printing out a T&K monogram. I then shaded the back of the monogram and traced it onto my pumpkin using a pencil and lots of pressure.

Thomas' pumpkin was inspired by Fall leaves, which he collected from around our yard. He started by taping them onto his pumpkin, then he traced around them and cut them out. At the end, he used toothpicks to stick the cut out leaves back on. Quite the creative one, he is.

 Here are the finished pumpkins in the dark:

I did sustain an injury during the carving (mostly due to my famously bad knife skills), but so far I think it was worth it.

And finally, the big costume reveal! This year we dressed as Bob Ross and a 'happy' little tree.

And it turns out our animals aren't super comfortable with me having a beard...

We're always looking for a unique couple's costume, and we love B. Ross so much that we couldn't pass it up. We even had a picture already painted that was modeled after his style for me to pose with! 

I hope you all have a great Halloween (and that you're picturing  me answering the phone at work in the costume above. Because that is happening). Tomorrow I'll be posting a recipe for peanut butter eyeballs, so I'll hope you'll be back then!

I'll leave you with this spooky picture of a ghost dog in the night...
-T, K, J, & C


  1. Still trembling from the ghost dog sighting....
    Happy Halloween!

  2. P.S. LOVE your pumpkin carving & Dad's proud too!

  3. Wow! Such awesome pumpkins! Oooohhhh what a scary ghost dog...,,,