Monday, October 24, 2011

Kinsey Family Farms

This weekend, we headed up to North Georgia to see the beautiful fall leaves at Kinsey Family Farm. That's right--KINSEY Family Farm. I read about the place a while back while researching pumpkin patches, and I immediately knew we had to go there. (Note: This is a very picture heavy post. Mostly pictures of Jack).

KFF has pumpkins, Christmas trees, honey, apples, hayrides, picnic spots, a fish pond, and petting zoo. They don't charge admission and you're allowed to take pictures. Sounds awesome right? Especially once we found out that Jack was welcome!

Thomas and I knew we wanted to wait until the weather cooled off a little before spending the day outside. It's been in the 40s for the last week or so, and we decided that this weekend would be perfect for a trip up north.

When we first got to the farm, we stopped on a shady hill for a picnic lunch...

And Jack surveyed the territory while we decided what to do next.

After lunch, we walked around to check out the Christmas trees on our way to the fish pond. It was super full of fish (lots of jumpers), which Thomas was pretty impressed with. 

Next to the pond was this beautiful berry plant. I thought Jack would like it, so I asked if he'd be willing to pose for a picture.

Nope. He decided to pee on it. To each his own, I guess.

The entire farm is completely picturesque. So of course, I forced the boys to strike poses everywhere. [Jack's ability to blink during the majority of photos is pretty awesome].

Side note--this flower is called a Caliente. Pretty schnazzy.

My absolute favorite part of the day was when we stopped to take family photos (we're sad Charlotte couldn't be there, but cats & farms don't mix). At this point, we'd explored the whole place and decided on the perfect spot. We brought our tripod along--because, believe it or not, Jack hasn't mastered taking photos yet--and we were all set to take some great pictures.

Today we learned that it's really hard to get your dog to look at the camera when there isn't someone standing behind it to make noises. We ended up getting ONE great shot (out of around 50), but the outtakes are hilarious. The best picture will be saved for a future event...I'm keeping that one secret ;]

Here are the fails:

 Awkward Jack handhold.

 Weird gap/Jack's eyes are closed.

 Then we came up with the idea of taking one without Jack. Jack's butt crept in.

 Oops...I bumped the tripod and cut off our heads.


 This is probably the best/worst one. He was over taking pictures.

 Just as the boys started to get frustrated...

 I begged for one last try. Aaaand, Jack made a completely ridiculous face.

He then refused to move out of picture pose.

To wrap up the day, we decided to go check out the pumpkins. KFF has some special pumpkins and some 'regular' ones. Here are some of our favorites:
Poke-e-mon pumpkins.


My favorite, the Baby Boo! We took two of these cuties home. 

 Jack was pretty impressed with these bright orange pumpkins...
 And even posed for ONE last good picture.

But when I put him in this little red wagon, he was done.

We had an excellent day at Kinsey Family Farm! We'll definitely be back, and tomorrow I'll show you a craft we made with the fall leaves we collected. I hope you'll be back!

-T, K, J & C


  1. What a lovely day!! Oh, Jack....:)

  2. It was perfect! And Jack was, of course, looking extra cute as always:]