Monday, October 3, 2011

North Georgia State Fair

Happy Monday!

After reading a ton of Facebook updates about the fair back home, Thomas and I had worked up a pretty solid craving for some fair food. I did some research and discovered that the North Georgia State Fair was going on 30 minutes away, so on Saturday evening we headed up to Marietta. After we parked, we were told to wait for a hay truck that would come pick us up and drive us to the gates. That's when we knew we were in Georgia:] There was a huge hill right in front of the parking area, so I took a picture because we're still impressed by hills and trees.

Earlier in the week, I read on the fair's website that this weekend you could get a free adult ticket in exchange for 5 cans of food. We brought 10 cans and got two tickets, saving $10. It worked out perfectly because we're really bad about eating canned soups and stuff. Winning! Into the fair we went.
It was cooler in the daytime yesterday, but it wasn't too cold so I almost didn't bring a jacket. I was really glad I did, because it got down to around 40 last night!

Our first stop of the evening was the corndog stand. We both have quite a passion for corndogs, so getting a foot long was a priority on our list. We noticed that this fair was a little smaller than the one back home, the biggest difference being the lack of local food vendors. Most of the food places were run by the fair itself (versus local organizations like schools, the Lions club, etc). We wandered to the back of the food area before making our first purchase, and luckily we discovered some of the more authentic carts parked there. Don't worry, we shared this dog.

Next we decided to walk around and explore a bit. We saw lots of really interesting people and things, but one of our favorite discoveries was the stuffed rasta booth.
Now, say "Rasta Ba-na-na" out loud. Weird right?

Another cool find was this awesome striped wall. Everyone knows I love multi-colored stripes, and we thought it made for a really fun picture!

After doing some excellent people watching, we were ready for our next snack: twisty taters. This caught our eye because it was Texas themed!
The taters were really crispy and delicious, and we added a little garlic salt because I mean come on, why wouldn't we?

 I'm pretty proud of this picture. I fancy myself quite the artist (not really).

We walked around and snacked on those for a while, at which point we noticed a booth that Thomas is still talking about.
 That's right. There was a Japanese cart at the fair selling 'homemade' eggrolls. Thomas was SO excited, but sadly we didn't have enough money to invest. There were no prices on the stand, and I wasn't super into the idea of getting an eggroll at the fair. My theory: you can only get fair food once a year, but eggrolls are everywhere.

We didn't ride any rides (because they were $2 a pop and I would probably barf), but we did take some cool pictures of them. 

At this point we counted up our money and realized that (leaving out $3 for parking) we only had $3 left to spend. This was pretty disappointing, because funnel cakes were between $4-$6. We settled on some fresh cotton candy on a stick, which I hadn't had before. It was really tasty and fun to eat.

While we munched along, we headed into the exhibit area. We saw quilts, food, plants, and animals, and there were actually some pretty interesting/weird sights.
 Coolest plant ever, Chinese Lanterns.

This rabbit was bigger than Charlotte. It made me sad because he reminded me of our old rabbit Lilly, but he was badly taken care of. His fur was super matted and gross. He was really huge, so I guess that's cool...

This chicken was kind of neat because she was a mini-chicken. Fancy.

A huge inflatable shark slide outside the exhibit area. If only it hadn't been a dollar to slide...

We had a super fun time at the fair! We even saved $3 because they didn't charge us for parking. We could've spent it on a funnel cake, but oh well--no regrets (except Thomas and the eggroll cart).

I hope you're having a great Monday! Enjoy your week:]

-T, K, J & C

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